5 New Customer Experience Enhancements Keeping Busbud’s Service Best in Class

At Busbud, our priority is to provide you with an excellent booking experience. This includes the search and booking process, but also, any assistance you may need after your booking is completed.

This fall, Busbud’s customer experience team has worked on some ambitious projects to keep offering fast and efficient support, a friendly and personable service, and useful answers to your questions, as we grow into new markets and regions of the world.

Our customer experience associates are in constant contact with our customers across the globe, from South Africa to Peru, in about a half dozen languages. Over the past few months, we’ve collected data on the most common issues our users face, and how to best resolve these requests.

The customer experience team has worked on 5 exciting new projects, that are currently being rolled out. We’re so proud to share them with you:

1) A totally revamped help desk

While we’re happy to assist you with any request you might have, we believe that having a clear and easy-to-navigate help site can make it easy to get an answer without having to write out an email. This is why we’ve spent a lot of time doing a complete redesign and rewrite of our helpdesk.

We’ve made sure to include the most common issues and concerns our customers might have, and to present our answers in a concise, clear way that everyone can understand. Our revamped help section is currently available in English, French and Spanish, and we’re working on additional languages.

2) Chester, our first non-human team member

Chester was born in late summer 2017 as a result of an award-winning hackathon project and has been tremendous help to so many of our customers. In fact, he’s helped out 3680 so far and counting! Chester is an intelligent, auto-replying bot, who will read incoming requests, understand the content, and offer a solution. He can send you your tickets if you’ve lost your confirmation email, and remind you of the exchange and cancellation policy associated with your latest reservation.

We’re working on improving Chester to have him answer even more questions. Even though Chester is awesomely fast, we still want to leave customers the option of reaching one of our support associates at any time if they prefer to do so or aren’t completely satisfied with Chester’s answer.

3) A brand new help form

We want to make sure we can provide the most accurate answers to your questions, and that we have all the information necessary to take a look at whatever issue you may have.

With the help of our new help form, we can now make sure requests for support are completed in a way that gives us as much information as possible so we can respond to them swiftly and accurately!

4) Major improvements to our phone line

As a fully online reservation company, we also provide the fastest and most useful support through online channels such as e-mail, facebook messages, twitter, and LiveChat. However, for those passengers who call our phone line, we wanted to make sure they would get fast guidance regarding any issue they might have.

We are meticulously re-designing our phone line to channel users into the most common issues, so they can find answers in quick and efficient fashion, without having to sit through pre-recorded messages that don’t apply to their particular issue. We hope to launch this project in the near future; that being said, we strongly suggest you contact us through our help form first.

5) More self-serve cancellations options

Some of our most popular partners already allow users to cancel their tickets through the user’s Busbud account. This includes most bus tickets in Spain, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, and some bus tickets in Canada, Chile, and other countries in Europe.

We have been working closely with our partners to bring this option to more of users, and ideally, allow all of our passengers to manage their reservations directly from Busbud in the near future!

Why this matters to us:

Whatever might be the problem, we’ll always do our best to help you out. Whether the dog ate your bus ticket, your confirmation email got lost in cyberspace, or you’re wondering if your pet ferret will be allowed on board, we’ve got your back.

Working hard, playing nice, and acting smart are core values at Busbud. Our customer experience team is determined to provide all of our users with a pleasant experience, and respond to every question or concern from our users and visitors.

As we grow and expand, we’d be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to keep making that happen.