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5 Reasons to Visit Paris in the Fall

If you’re from Montreal, like we are here at Busbud, then spending time in a place with warm autumns is always welcome. Paris happens to be one of those cities. After spending a week in the month of November in the French capital, here are my five reasons why you should visit The City of Light in the fall.

Paris by Rob Potvin

1. It’s low season
Visiting Paris after the summer rush means running into less tourists. This is convenient for visiting touristy areas, and not having to wait in long lines at major attractions. This also means being able to interact with more locals at restaurants, cafes, and shops!

2. You can still sit on an outdoor terrace
Did you know that once temperatures drop, restaurants and cafes in Paris heat their outdoor terraces? This is why you can spot Parisians enjoying the outdoors, even as winter nears. Take advantage of soaking up the beauty of Paris’ outdoors by having a glass of wine or a coffee on one of the many terraces.

Street Art Exhibition at the Espace Fondation EDF
Street Art Exhibition at the Espace Fondation EDF

3. Explore the art & culture
There are plenty of great events and exhibitions going on in Paris right now. Visit the Palais de Tokyo for their recent contemporary art exhibition called “Inside” or pass the Espace Fondation EDF for an exhibition on street art. The Grand Palais is also currently having an exhibit on Japanese artist, Hokusai.

Angelina's Hot Chocolate - johnbailey63
Angelina’s Hot Chocolate

4. Sip on hot chocolate
Lower temperatures mean sipping on hot drinks to keep you warm. Take advantage of the autumn weather by sampling some of the city’s best hot chocolate. Drink up at Angelina, Les Deux Magots, Ladurée, and Les Marquis de Ladurée.

Parisians on a Terrace in Paris
Parisians on a Terrace in Paris

5. Stay fashionable while keeping warm
Colder weather also means layering and accessorizing. Dress up à la Parisienne/Parisien with chic, outdoor accessories. When in doubt, just add a scarf!

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What are your favorite Parisian fall activities? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Rob Potvin, Sofia Mazzamauro, Johnbailey63, and Nacho Rascón