5 Valentine’s day getaways for under $40

We all know Valentine’s Day is approaching because every corner store is selling those cheap heart-shaped chocolates and your local French/Italian restaurant is already fully booked for the night of the 14th. If you’re unsure about how to celebrate, let us give you some inspiration.

Whether you’re single, in a serious relationship, or kind of confused because your significant other “doesn’t like labels” – we can all agree that it’s a great opportunity to get out of town, discover a new city, and do things that make you happy.

At Busbud, we’ve come up with 5 destinations that will surely make your Valentine’s Day memorable, and we’ve included locations in every corner of North America to made sure you’re just a bus ride away.

1) Quebec City:

The closest thing to Europe you’ll find in North America has to be the old town of Quebec, which dates back to 1608. If you’re travelling here with your romantic partner, we suggest you check out Montmorency Falls for beautiful sights. In the evening, take a stroll through the fortified Old Quebec, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with plenty of places to wine and dine. Once you have a couple beers in you, you may want to try the local dish, poutine. Don’t be scared, it tastes better than it looks.

From Montreal, Busbud can get you there for around $30.

Photo credit: Aurusdorus

2) Miami

If you’d rather not spend Valentine’s day in the cold, then migrate South to Florida! Head down to South Beach, an art-deco masterpiece in itself. You can take it easy and work on your tan at the beach, or get some good food and drinks on Lincoln Road. The warmth of the Gulf of Mexico and the city’s Latin sabor will make you feel like you’ve been teleported to paradise in the tropics.

Pro tip: Stay away from the Everglades if insects and rather large reptiles aren’t your jam. We rather suggest catching a ride to Key West if you have some time, you’ll be closer to Havana than Miami, and the drive is simply spectacular.  

Busbud has great coverage to Miami from virtually any corner of Florida, with 75 departures daily from Orlando, 20 from Tampa and 12 from Atlanta, there’s plenty to choose from.  

Photo credit: Lance Asper

3) New Orleans

Two words: Mardi Gras. We know, it may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic getaway, but you’re in for a hell of a party. This year, Mardi Gras falls on the day before Valentine’s day.  Make sure you attend the many parades, namely the Endymion, Bacchus, Zulu, and Rex parades. The iconic Bourbon street in the French Quarter is a great place to start. New Orleans is truly unique and rich in culture. If you’re here with your lover, expect an adventure. And if you’re here by yourself, loosen up a little by sipping on a 32-ounce Daiquiri – the quintessential Mardi Gras drink. Disclaimer: No booze allowed on the bus!

Busbud can get you to NOLA from Houston or anywhere in the South.

Photo credit: William Recinos

4) San Francisco

If you’re on or near the West Coast, San Francisco is a great pick. You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and views of the Pacific Ocean, and in the city, there’s something for everyone. Hang out at a fair-trade coffee shop, the Castro district, Fisherman’s Wharf, or the many farmers markets. Busbud will help you get the perfect ride, from LA we offer dozens of departures for as low as $19.

Photo credit: Chris Leipelt

5) Austin

Looking for a little southern flair this Valentine’s Day? Let Austin, Texas be your holiday getaway. Take your date on a sightseeing tour and snap some romantic selfies at the Texas State Capitol. Stroll down Congress Avenue, and make sure you don’t miss the historic Paramount Theatre. For a fun night on the town, check out West 6th Street and enjoy the vibrant nightlife at one of many local bars. While in Austin make sure to get your fill of Tex-Mex cuisine and fine southern BBQ.

If you’re in Houston, Dallas, or San Antionio, we’ve got you covered with some great deals to Austin through our partners Greyhound, Tornado Bus, and Turimex.

Wherever you end up on Valentine’s day, we just hope it’s not your couch (Netflix and Chill is so 2017). Travelling by bus is the most affordable, environmentally friendly, and hassle free way to get around. With Busbud’s best-in-class search results, you won’t break the bank and our top-notch customer support team will never break your heart.❤️

From all of us at Busbud, we wish you the best for this Valentine’s day!