Resuming intercity travel as bus routes reopen across Québec

The situation

With the gradual resumption of activities due to the COVID-19 disruption, bus companies across the province are finally resuming services. Tired of having to stay home because you don’t have a car? Travel restrictions meant that intercity bus travel has been suspended for months, making it almost impossible to travel unless you owned or rented a car. Read on to see how you can travel safely across the province.

As bus companies adjust to the new normal of operating services during the Coronavirus pandemic, understanding your options can be overwhelming. We have put together a guide to help you understand how intercity bus travel is resuming in Québec. 

Which bus companies are relaunching services?

You can once again book bus tickets with four different bus operators in Québec on Busbud. As of July, Orléans Express, Limocar, Galland, Maheux and Intercar have started a gradual resumption of services, meaning they offer reduced schedules. However, as the phased reopening continues, we will continue to bring you more updates as soon as possible.

Galland reopens in the Laurentians

Galland logo

If you’re planning a bus trip between Montréal and Mont-Tremblant, Galland has you covered. With daily services between Montréal and the natural beauty of the Laurentians, this route has now reopened and you can book as usual on Busbud. Whether you’re travelling to spend time with family, or you want to unwind, the Laurentians are only a couple of hours away.

Orléans Express

Orléans Express

Bus services from Montréal to Québec have resumed with Orléans Express, in addition to Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup and onwards to many other destinations in the Gaspésie.

You can hop on one of the four daily departures between Montréal and Québec, the earliest one leaving at 7am. It’s also possible to travel throughout the Gaspé peninsula. As of the 17th of July, trips are back up and running (daily!) along the Gaspé peninsula. Check out the daily schedule to plan your trip. Orléans Express, now only accept online bookings as a way of limiting any chance of spreading COVID-19. Take advantage of this by booking directly with Busbud. The ocean breeze never felt closer!


Intercar logo

If you’re looking to travel between Québec city and Saguenay, Intercar started running services again last week. 

For now, they are only offering trips on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. However, this is likely to only be temporary, and we will keep a close eye on any new routes that open up. If the allure of the Saguenay fjord leaves you wanting to plan a trip, take advantage of this reopening.


Limocar logo

We’re happy to announce that Limocar has returned and is connecting Montréal with destinations such as Magog, Sherbrooke, Bromont and Ange Gardien in the Townships. With 2 daily departures from each location, you can zoom down Highway 10, while using the free onboard Wi-Fi to discover what the region has to offer.


Maheux Québec logo

Maheux announced that they are gradually resuming services across Québec, including daily departures between Montréal and Ottawa. This is great news for anybody who wants to travel to the capital! They have reopened services for trips connecting the Abitibi corridor to Montréal, which means you can now travel from Rouyn-Noranda to Montréal and Val d’Or to Montréal.

Greyhound Canada services suspended

Greyhound Canada logo

Bus services have been suspended nationwide with Greyhound until further notice. We will continue to update you as the situation progresses. Read more about the Greyhound Canada disruption here.

Is it safe to travel by bus?

We know it can be a confusing time to travel. However, each bus company is doing their part to ensure your trip is as safe and hygienic as possible. Bus companies worldwide, and here in Canada, are taking necessary safety precautions so that you can travel safely. Additional hygiene standards have been implemented on board buses, including regularly sanitizing buses and installing state-of-the-art air filters to maximize onboard safety. You can take a look at our comprehensive guide to understand what bus companies are doing worldwide to keep you safe. 

In accordance with public health requirements it is a legal requirement to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport. Orléans Express, Limocar, Galland, Intercar and Maheux enforce this requirement so that all passengers can travel with peace of mind.

Hygiene measures for Quebec

Another way these bus companies have helped limit the spread of coronavirus cases is by setting up dedicated hand washing areas at bus stations. Passengers have to wash their hands when arriving at the bus stations, and comply with the social distancing requirements of the province (2 meters in Québec). Rigorous and regular cleaning is taking place on all buses and stations to ensure you travel in a safe and clean environment. We always recommend that you travel with your own personal hand sanitizer to be able to clean your hands regularly whenever you come into contact with hard surfaces. Please make sure to keep your mask on at the station and during your trip to guarantee as safe a travel experience as possible.


If you have any questions about travelling in Québec, please contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.