Busbud Expands into Southeast Asia

Planning on exploring Southeast Asia? Or have you been already and you’re ready to go back? Look no further, we’ve got you covered with the most affordable transportation in the region! We’re proud to announce we’ve launched coverage in Southeast Asia.

Busbud now offers 120,000+ bus routes to the most popular travel destinations to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. You can now search, compare and book bus tickets on, helping you get around Asia in a swift, budget-friendly fashion.

For the first time in Busbud’s history, travellers will be able to book intercity bus tickets in Southeast Asia. To inspire your next travels in the region, we’ve come up with a list of affordable routes that will allow you to visit some most popular destinations!

10 routes under $25 *

Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → Pattaya,ChonBuri,Thailand – $8
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → Phuket,Phuket,Thailand – $20
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → HuaHin,PrachuapKhiriKhan,Thailand – $10
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → ChiangMai,ChiangMai,Thailand, – $16
PhnomPenh,PhnumPenh,Cambodia → SiemReap,SiemReapProvince,Cambodia – $13
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → Krabi,Krabi,Thailand – $20
Chumphon,Chumphon,Thailand → Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand – $15
PhnomPenh,PhnumPenh,Cambodia → Kampot,Kampot,Cambodia – 12$
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → SuratThani,SuratThani,Thailand – $15
PhnomPenh,PhnumPenh,Cambodia → Sihanoukville,PreahSeihanu,Cambodia – $11
Bangkok,NakhonPathom,Thailand → SiemReap,SiemReapProvince,Cambodia – $23

*Selected routes are one-way only and for departures between July 24th-30th, 2017 in USD.

We’re just getting started!

These new bus routes in the region is part of our continued effort to help travellers easily access information and tickets for bus travel, all around the world. We’re excited share this is just the beginning for us in Asia. Over the next few months, we will be offering plenty of new routes in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China and many more. Let the adventure begin!

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