Busbud is looking to add Devs! (with a strong gif game)

Busbud is hiring and we’re looking for some awe-inspiring, majestic and magnificent (these are all synonyms for awesome) developers to join our family and if possible, improve the Busbud FC squad (we’ll get back to that a bit later on).

We’re looking for developers who possess grandiose technical abilities in the following areas:


You can learn all about those specific job requirements, compensation and responsibilities.

Got it? Cool.


busbud approves github
Busbud developers commenting on GitHub.


But wait a second, what’s Busbud?

Great question. Long story short: We sell bus tickets from major bus operators all around the world. Travelers can search, compare and book tickets that suits them best either on our website or through our iOS and Android app.

busbud speed jump
How the Busbud staff gets to work every morning.


Who will I be working with?

Another great question! To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a list of the people you’ll be working with at Busbud.

1. Marjorie – Chief Happiness Manager

Marjorie is Busbud’s office manager. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the office, that there’s always some tasty snacks at our disposal, that the Nespresso capsules inventory is always on point and organizes a bunch of funtastic team bonding activities. Also, Marje hooks the office up with the best food in Montreal on Wednesdays. This weekly event is called “Team Lunch” and it’s absolutely glorious. Marje is a life saver. ?

busbud team lunch
When Team Lunch is ready.

2. Mike – Busbud’s Co-Founder and CTO

Mike is a Microsoft veteran who worked on products like Bing, MSN and Sports. He lives in New York City and has the soothing voice of an angel.

Mike's magical aura.
Mike’s magical aura.

3. Nof – Technical Team Lead – Front-End

Nof has been with Busbud since it started out in LP Maurice’s apartment. Naoufal is a designer and developer with a degree from Concordia University. He spends his days working on both sides of the stack while awaiting the latest Disco Deviance release. When he isn’t at Busbud, he’s building things like GeoDonation.org. He wreaks havoc on the Ping Pong table and has major experience playing every type of organized team sport…ever. Nof’s also a Pastis aficionado.

Everytime Nof drinks his Pastis.
Everytime Nof drinks his Pastis.

4. Clara – Product Manager – Integrations

Clara knows the ins and outs of every major bus operator across North America, Europe, Brazil and parts of South America. Her wealth of knowledge and mastery of many languages makes her a formidable ally on the integrations front. Her Gin & Tonics are absolutely fantastic.

Clara knows everything about every bus operator. It's mind boggling actually.
Clara knows everything about every bus operator.

5. Christophe – Technical Team Lead – API/Tooling

Chris is a Microsoft veteran who’s now come back to Montreal and he’s been absolutely crushing it. Chris possesses a rather unorthodox playing style on the Ping Pong table but when it comes to pushing code, this dude’s a beast.

Chris is the developer equivalent of throwing a perfect strike with pizzazz.
Chris is the developer equivalent of throwing a perfect strike with exuberance.

6. Issam – Technical Team Lead – Integrations

Issam is technical wisdom that decided to represent itself through the shape and form of a human being. After conquering Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Tunis, Barcelona and Paris with his technical wizardry, Issam decided to cross the Atlantic ocean and do his thing in Montreal. From time to time, Issam walks around the office with a black derby hat, and when he does so, the amount of swagger floating around the Busbud office is quite breathtaking.

When Issam walks in the office with his derby hat.



Company culture

busbud revenue team
Collaboration is an important value at Busbud.


We’re a growing team but we’re still staying true to our smaller roots. You can expect open communications and collaborations between teams, company transparency during all-hands, learn more about your colleagues during team lunches, Busbud Drinks, Ping Pong tournaments, Busbud FC matches, team activities and a bunch of other daily unexpected things which makes coming to the office an absolute joy.

Still not convinced?

Check out our “Working at Busbud” video.



Need more convincing? Check out our sweet infographic highlighting the differences between working as a developer in Montreal and Silicon Valley.


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