Busbud insights: the hottest Spanish destinations of Summer 2023

As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to start planning your summer getaway. Whether you’re a Spanish local or an international traveler, some exciting destinations are capturing the attention of travelers this year. 

By analyzing the data provided by Busbud.com, we can gain valuable insights into the preferred Spanish destinations for spring and summer 2023.  So, let’s dive in and discover where everyone is heading!

Top destinations searched by Spaniards this Spring and Summer

The first list we’ll explore is the top destinations searched by the Spaniards themselves. Unsurprisingly, Spain’s two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, take the lead. These metropolitan powerhouses are perennial favorites, offering a blend of historical landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and culinary delights. Close behind are Malaga, Seville, and Valencia, each boasting its own unique charm and allure. Granada, Bilbao, Alicante, Zaragoza, and Almeria round out the list, showcasing the diverse range of Spanish destinations sought after by locals.

Top destinations searched by Spaniards this summer:

    1. Madrid
    2. Barcelona
    3. Malaga
    4. Seville
    5. Valencia 
    6. Granada 
    7. Bilbao
    8. Alicante
    9. Zaragoza
    10. Almeria

Top routes booked within Spain: discover where locals are traveling

When it comes to exploring their own country, Spaniards prefer to hop on a bus or train. The data reveals that the route between Madrid and Malaga takes the crown as the most popular for this spring and summer, likely due to Malaga’s picturesque beaches and vibrant atmosphere. 

The Madrid-Seville connection is another local favorite, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of Seville’s ancient architecture and flamenco culture. Other notable routes include Almeria to Madrid, Lloret de Mar to Barcelona, and Benidorm to Bilbao.

Top routes booked by Spaniards:

    1. Madrid –  Malaga
    2. Malaga – Madrid
    3. Seville – Madrid
    4. Madrid – Seville
    5. Talavera dela Reina – Madrid
    6. Lloret de Mar – Barcelona
    7. Almeria – Madrid
    8. Madrid – Almeria
    9. Madrid – Talavera dela Reina
    10. Segovia – Madrid
Malaga is a top destination in Spain for summer 2023

International travelers’ favorites: the most popular routes explored in Spain

Now, let’s take a look at the routes booked within Spain by international travelers. It’s clear that Granada is a tourist favorite, since it appears on the list multiple times. International visitors are captivated by the magic of Granada’s Alhambra Palace and the winding streets of the Albaicin neighborhood.

The route between Barcelona and Valencia is also highly coveted, as it offers tourists the chance to see Gaudi’s architectural marvels in Barcelona and the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Other popular routes include Seville to Malaga, Madrid to Granada, and Madrid to Barcelona, showcasing the diversity of Spanish destinations embraced by international travelers.

International traveler’s preferred routes in Spain:

    1. Granada – Malaga 
    2. Granada – Seville 
    3. Seville – Granada 
    4. Malaga – Granada 
    5. Seville – Malaga 
    6. Barcelona – Valencia 
    7. Valencia – Barcelona 
    8. Malaga – Seville 
    9. Granada – Madrid 
    10. Madrid – Barcelona 

Where international travelers in Spain come from

Let’s see where international travelers come from when they visit Spain. France takes the lead with 22.4% of bookings, followed closely by the United Kingdom with 18.6% and the United States with 13%. Here’s the full list of countries contributing to Spain’s international tourism.

    1. France – 21.4%
    2. Great Britain – 17.8%
    3. United States – 12.5%
    4. Germany  – 10.1%
    5. Canada – 9.2%
    6. Argentina – 6.6%
    7. Australia – 6.3%
    8. Netherlands – 5.8%
    9. Italy – 5.8%
    10. Poland – 4.5%

Top cross-border routes to Spain

Now, let’s explore the routes taken by international travelers to reach Spain. Based on the bus and train tickets sold on Busbud.com, it is predicted that Spain will witness a surge in cross-border travel during spring and summer 2023. The top cross-border routes to Spain include popular destinations such as Faro in Portugal to Seville in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal to Madrid in Spain, and Porto in Portugal to Vigo in Spain. 

Due to Spain’s close proximity to its neighboring countries, travelers can easily explore the Iberian Peninsula along these routes.

The top cross-border routes to Spain:

    1. Faro, Portugal – Seville, Spain
    2. Lisbon, Portugal – Madrid, Spain
    3. Porto, Portugal – Vigo, Spain
    4. Lisbon, Portugal – Seville, Spain
    5. Paris, France – Barcelona, Spain
    6. Perpignan, France – Barcelona, Spain
    7. Andorra la Vella, Andorra – Barcelona, Spain
    8. Biarritz, France – San Sebastian, Spain
    9. Tavira, Portugal – Seville, Spain
    10. Paris, France – Madrid, Spain
Granada, Spain
Granada is one of the preferred destinations by travelers in Spain

The preferred Spanish destinations for both Spanish and international tourists offer a diverse range of attractions and experiences. Spaniards themselves are drawn to the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona, along with other captivating destinations like Malaga, Seville, and Valencia. 

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The data in this article is from May/2023