Busbud reveals top bus companies in Canada

Every year, millions of travellers turn to Busbud to find their way around the world and especially our home country of Canada. They don’t just share their love for the road and for exploring new places, but they also love sharing their experiences. 

That’s why Busbud is unveiling the first-ever Travellers’ Best Awards in Canada – recognizing companies that shine through the lens of real passenger experiences, these awards go beyond just marketing claims, offering valuable insights to plan your next bus trip. 

How we crowned the champions

After each trip with Busbud, travellers are asked to share their opinions, rating their experiences and offering insights. Travellers review different factors, including overall satisfaction, punctuality, comfort, and amenities like Wi-Fi, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

Our analysis encompasses all bus companies operating in Canada that garnered over 100 reviews last year.  Thousands upon thousands of reviews were analyzed, tabulated and reviewed to create the final list. 

By listening to genuine feedback and doing thorough evaluations, we found the top performers in the industry, giving you trustworthy insights to help with your travel decisions.

How are the bus categories chosen?

To come up with the most important categories for the Travellers’ Best Awards, we considered the most important aspects people look for when selecting a trip. This understanding comes from data provided by Busbud travellers and Busbud’s extensive 10+-year history of enabling affordable and sustainable global travel.

That’s why we chose to include these categories:

  1. Best of the Best Award, for the best bus company: This top prize is awarded to the Canadian company with the highest ratings from travellers, recognized for its commitment to connecting people to places and consistently providing an excellent overall experience.
  2. Most Popular Award, for the preferred company:  this award celebrates the company that is most frequently chosen by travellers for its cost-effectiveness and quality service.
  3. Connectivity Award, for the best Wi-Fi: while on the road, connectivity is key to being able to work or enjoy the journey. Recognizing the challenge of providing Wi-Fi on moving buses, this award honours those who excel in this aspect. 
  4. Time Trust Award, for the most on-time services: being on time is a must for any positive travel experience, so we analyzed the punctuality rates of each company and identified the one with the highest rates. 
  5. Shuttle Star Award, for the best shuttle service: These companies offer exclusive trips on unique routes, and this award recognizes those that excel in connecting travellers to distinctive destinations.
  6. Stellar Service Award, for the best customer service: Understanding that problems are inevitable, this award celebrates the level of dedication put into resolving issues. This category honours the company that went the extra mile to ensure traveller satisfaction.
  7. Global Riders Award, for the top-rated by international travellers: Canada is a multi-cultural country that attracts visitors from all over the world. When they visit, this is their top-rated bus company. 
  8. Bridge Builder Award, for the best for cross-border trips: Whether heading to the US or travelling to Canada, this award acknowledges the bus company providing the best cross-border travel experience.

Travellers’ Best Awards winners revealed

While we recognize the multitude of outstanding companies across the country, these exceptional performers have won the hearts of travellers with their exceptional service throughout 2023. With the debut of the Travellers’ Best Awards, we take a step further on our mission of powering better journeys for travellers in 2024.

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Start planning your next trip

Busbud helps you compare various bus companies, routes, and amenities to find the best option for your travel preferences and budget. Whether you prioritize spacious comfort, reliable punctuality, or seamless cross-border travel, there’s certainly a bus company that can cater to your needs and offer a great travel experience.

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