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Interconnected Bus Routes Now Available on Busbud

At Busbud, we love to leverage technology to help travellers find intercity buses more easily.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that many of our users search for itineraries where a given route isn’t served by a single direct bus. Up until now, travellers had to make several purchases to separately book the various legs for these types of itineraries.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of interconnections, an exciting new feature which allows travellers to find and book itineraries with multiple bus connections from different operators.

What is an interconnection?

Interconnections allow users to combine different routes and operators with one another, unlocking a very large inventory of additional bus route options for our users.

For example, a traveller can now book in a single purchase an itinerary from Bacaxá, Brazil to Salvador, Brazil, starting with a first leg from bus operator Auto Viação 1001, transferring in Rio de Janeiro, and complete his bus trip with a second leg from bus operator Águia Brancal.

Source: Google Map

Good for Busbud, better for users  😀

We’re constantly looking to improve our product for travellers worldwide by adding features requested by our customers, such as the recent enhancements to our customer experience and the launch of support for Apple Pay. Interconnection is another great example of this.

“Interconnections reaffirms Busbud’s position at the forefront of innovation in the bus travel industry”, add Martin Gingras, a developer at Busbud. “This project was a significant undertaking, as it impacts all aspects of our product and platform. It gave us the opportunity to work on software architecture, design of new components and user experience across the funnel. It was challenging at times, but also extremely satisfying for all of us. We’re excited to offer so many new route possibilities for travellers”.




What’s next?

Our Product and Engineering teams are working to progressively roll out this feature in more countries over the next few weeks, culminating in its global availability.

Once fully deployed, the interconnection feature will unlock millions of new routes, allowing Busbud users more options to reach more destinations.


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