Omnibus Project: Q2 2018 results

In April 2017 we launched our diversity initiative, the Omnibus Project, to promote diversity at Busbud and beyond. Every quarter, our team carries out up to 5 actions to help foster diversity, and reports publicly every quarter on our progress.

We are thrilled to share the results for Q2 2018, ending June 30th. Here are our actions:

1. Participating on an HR panel on diversity in recruiting

Our Head of People & Culture, Manon, shared her insights at the Humanify 360 meetup, alongside leading diversity voice Chloé Freslon, a URelles blogger. Manon’s discussed Busbud’s diversity initiative The Omnibus Project, women empowerment, and how to weave into diversity into your recruitment strategy. It’s always a pleasure to be invited to community events to discuss how startups can contribute to promoting diversity!

2. Writing an “Engineer’s view” blog post on diversity in tech

Camila, a backend engineer at Busbud, shared her thoughts about diversity in the tech industry. She was inspired to write the post after attending the Lesbians Who Tech conference in San Francisco, which focuses on bringing together LGBTQ women working in tech. In the article, she mentions that diversity in a company is about giving a voice to all the different population groups that are interacting with your product. In her words, “If you want to add value in every way you can, you need to make sure you have a diverse representation of the very same people you’re trying to connect to”. She also shared her conference insights internally with our team over a lunch and learn type discussion. You can read her post here.

3. Sharing diversity best practices with other startups

We accepted the invitation of a fellow Montreal startup to talk about diversity with their team. Our CEO LP lead an hour-long “brown bag” lunch conversation with the team, sharing candidly some feedback from growing/supporting our diversity initiative at Busbud, including our motivations, our diversity statement and our commitment to sustained concrete action. We believe sharing best practices around diversity is important, furthering the dialogue about how startups can play an important role in supporting diversity in the tech industry.

4. Publishing a guide to Pride parades in Canada

Eliot from our Customer Experience team produced a great guide to Pride festivals happening across Canada this summer, in cities like Montreal, Toronto Vancouver and Ottawa. As Eliot mentions, “Pride parades and activities truly transform Canadian cities in the summer. It’s the perfect time to head to a new city, mingle with locals, and celebrate what makes us different”. And of course, we included all the bus connections on Busbud to get you to those cities, making Busbud your ride to Pride! You can check out the guide here.

5. Joining a panel discussion on Sustainability in Tourism

Our CEO LP was a panelist at a conference in Quebec City in March organized by Novae, a leading blog on social impact. The panel focused on offering sustainable, innovative and environmentally-friendly travel experiences that create wealth for local communities. The panel featured executives from outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Coop, as well as leading ecotourism reserve Vertendre. LP discussed with the audience Busbud’s vision to promote environmentally-friendly travel by bus, as well as its “sustainability” value which includes creating a sustainable, diverse and inclusive work environment where team members are able do their best work.  You can read more about this here on Novae’s profile about Busbud (in French).