Omnibus Project: Q3 2018 results

In April 2017, we launched our diversity initiative, the Omnibus Project, to promote diversity at Busbud and beyond. Every quarter, our team carries out up to 5 actions to help foster diversity, and reports publicly every quarter on our progress.

We are thrilled to share the results for Q3 2018, ending September 30th. Here are our actions:

1. Busbud CTO and team take part in Pridehacks event to support LGBTQ community

Busbud CTO Mike Gradek (back left) joins team Axiona for Pridehacks.

Busbud CTO Mike Gradek (back left) joins team Axiona for Pridehacks. (source)

Busbud was proud to sponsor the Pridehacks event to support the LGBTQ community, with our CTO Michael Gradek and other team members Boris and Oliver participating and mentoring.

QueerTech Montreal organized this inclusive two-day hackathon to bring together talents of all kinds to help the LGBTQ community. Leaders from the LGBTQ community presented challenging problems charities face in providing essential services to marginalized community members. From experience, they know that these groups struggle setting up tech solutions to streamline their operations.

At Busbud, we have a long history of participating in and organizing hackathons, and we agree that technology can help improve communities, so we were eager to help. We put Busbud’s experience with javascript, Docker, Heroku and Continuous Integration to good use and had a working version of the projects we contributed to within a few hours. 

Photos: source.

2. Signing and supporting diversity manifestos

Busbud was happy to add its name to two “manifestos” to promote diversity in the technology industry. The first was led by TechnoMontréal et TECHNOCompétences, two IT groups based in Montreal, which notably have the goal to organize an activity called “J’ai le kick pour les TIC” (“I have a crush on IT”) with fun workshops to reach 1800 high-school students in the Montreal region.

The second initiative, named “Le Manifeste des femmes en tech” (“Women in Tech Manifesto”, is led by 6 women working in the startup/tech ecosystem in Montreal, and was launched on September 18th at the Notman House community space. The manifesto offers a commitment to immediate measurable results, including parity on stage at local technology events. Their website offers a list of female speakers, tips on public speaking, and many resources to understand how to work together as a community towards gender parity.

3. Mile-End neighbourhood clean-up

Busbud team members LP Maurice (CEO), Doug Schlenker (VP of Engineering) and Valerie Nicol (Accountant) cleaning up the park near the Busbud office.

On September 15th, Busbud hosted a community cleanup operation in the Mile-End neighborhood (where the Busbud office is located). The team focused on cleaning up a popular community park and nature renaturalization area. This was an inclusive activity for Busbud team members and their families, and is in line with Busbud’s commitment to the environment and to our local community.

Initially, the team focused within the park picking up bottle caps, empty drink containers and cigarette butts. Before we lost track and stopped counting, the team picked up well over 1,000 pieces of litter. We collected nearly a dozen bags of garbage and removed some very large pieces of junk from a nature zone. After cleanup up the park and adjacent parking lot, we moved into the renaturalization area.

After a few hours of cleaning up the neighbourhood, the team was really happy with the positive visible improvement we made. We are very thankful to the support of Corvées de propreté (“Cleaning operations”) who supplied us with work t-shirts, gloves, bags and removal services. Our first cleanup event was a great success, and as a team we are looking forward to doing another cleanup event again in 2019.