Startup Open House 2018: Travel Back to the 90’s

Two weeks ago, on September 20th, 2018, Busbud hosted another edition of Startup Open House. Held annually, this event is the perfect opportunity to connect fellow students, young professionals, and tech lovers to Montreal’s impressive startup community.

Here at Busbud, we invited our participants to “Travel back to the 90s” with a playlist full of *NSYNC, Destiny’s Child and Backstreet Boys. To add to the theme, we transformed our office with old posters of famous 90s’ music bands, slinkies and other decorations as well as projected retro games like Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2.

Check out the decorations!

This relaxed and informal networking event was the perfect occasion to attract and connect with folks passionate about entrepreneurship, the startup environment, and what it means to work for a young and innovative company. Our Busbud team got the chance to share their passion for the bus industry, startup life, and current job openings with participants with a wide array of expertise. From marketing, to sales and customer experience, to programming and graphic design, folks from all backgrounds showed up to the event.

Our product manager (on the right), Dimitri, with two of our guests.

What started as an ambitious vision from a group of entrepreneurs, LP Maurice (Busbud), Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis (GSOFT) and Gabriel Sundaram (, Startup Open House is now an event held across Canada in the biggest tech cities. This year, more than 633 startups opened their offices to welcome participants and showcase the exciting career paths that startups can offer.

Thank you so much to our guests who made this event a yet another success!

Check out the promo video our team made for this year’s SOH!

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