10 Tips for Traveling the Pacific Northwest

When talking about the Great American Road Trip, Route 66 usually comes to mind, but we think heading north is an even better choice. The Pacific Northwest is a fantastic area for a bus trip, as it is chock-full of hip towns and eye-popping wonders that most don’t realize exist in North America. The Bolt […]

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5 Reasons to Take the Bus in the USA

Snagging a window seat on a plane is different from getting one on a bus. Riding a bus in the US is perfect for visiting more than one city or town off the beaten path because they usually take routes that differ from those taken by the train. These journeys boast an array of mountainous panoramas, forests, lakes, and city lights, making it easy to unearth the many wonders that dot the US’ landscape. Think of it as having your trip start before reaching your destination!

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Traveling by Bus in the US: Rolling up the East Coast, from Charleston to Boston

You can now search and book bus tickets for 3,800 of Greyhound’s North American routes directly on Busbud.com. To celebrate, we’ve made the United States our Country of the Month! We also asked travel blogger Stephanie Yoder to share her insider tips and recommendations on traveling in the US by bus. Follow the trail on […]

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Bus Booking in USA – 7 things you need to know before booking your ticket

Reading reviews about bus travel in the United States reveals one thing: Doing your research before clicking the “buy” button goes a long way. Lucky for you, we’ve done the brunt of the research! Here’s what you need to know before taking booking your bus ticket to the US.

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Bus in LA

Do I Need My Passport When I Take the Bus in the USA?


So, you’re traveling to Canada or Mexico from the US. You bought your bus ticket, you’re packed up and ready to go. But do you have all the essential paperwork with you? And do you know whether or not you need a passport? Implemented in the summer of 2009, The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) is a legislation that requires citizens to present a passport or another valid Photo ID when entering the USA.

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Who are the Major Bus Providers in the USA & How do They Compare?

One of the biggest American icons is Greyhound. Yet, particularly in rural areas and in the heart of the US, travelers will come across other bus providers. The companies can be majorly differentiated according to the areas they serve, their target clientele, and their pricing.

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greyhound bus

How to Find Cheap Bus Tickets in the USA…Starting at $1!

Bus in Utah

Not only is traveling by bus an easy way to get around, but it’s also one of the least expensive. Want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck? Then follow the steps below to ensure you save money on your next bus trip.

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How To Take Long Bus Trips Like a Pro

The US is one of the largest countries in the world, and as you can imagine, certain bus trips can take up to a day or two. Gear up for your adventure and read our tips and how you can make your bus ride as comfortable as possible!

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What am I Not Allowed to Bring on a Bus in the USA?


Whether you’re traveling by airplane or by bus - whenever people travel, they wonder what items they can actually bring with them on the bus, what needs to be checked in, and what can’t be transported at all. There are strict safety standards each bus provider has to comply with in the US. The good news: Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed on the bus!

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How Much Luggage Can I Take on a Bus in the USA?

There is one general rule of thumb for bus travel in the US: Take 23 kg (50 lbs) with you and a carry-on fitting into the overhead compartment and you’re fine! To make your life easier, we’ve created the following table to give you an overview of US bus providers’ existing baggage allowances.

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Man at the bus station

Traveling with Children by Bus: What are the regulations?

Child on bus

Traveling with your entire family can get expensive. The good news is that most US bus companies have special discounts for children, and in some cases, they may even travel for free! Wondering what the fees, baggage allowances, and regulations are? We’ve got you covered.

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Can I Travel By Bus With My Bike?

The US has some of the most magnificent sceneries in the world, and riding through them by bike is the experience of a lifetime. Many travelers are planning to take their bicycles on their trips, yet,one of the questions coming up frequently is if it is actually possible to take bikes on a bus and, if so, what are the exact conditions of having them transported?

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Bike Travel

Are USA Buses Wheelchair-Accessible?


In short: Yes! According to US law, bus carriers must provide accessible transportation to the disabled - including lifts for wheelchairs. We recommend you call your bus provider at least 48 hours before your trip to plan your itinerary. That way, they can prepare and are ready to get you on board! They will usually suggest specific connections that have all of the equipment on board to make sure you travel with ease.

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Hey Busbud, Can I Bring my Pet on a Bus in the USA?

Dear traveler, we are very sorry to inform you that pets aren’t allowed on most bus carriers in the USA! Greyhound, Megabus, BoltBus, Peter Pan, Yo!Bus, RedCoach, Jefferson Lines, and most of the Trailways companies state in their policies that animals are forbidden on their buses. The only exception is made for service animals for the disabled.

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Traveling with pets

Weekend Bus Trip to Rapid City & Sheridan

Rapid City

Take one of the tours leaving Rapid City daily from 2255 Fort Hays Drive and touring Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore Tours completes the trip in nine hours, and it includes two meals (which includes a cowboy breakfast!) and a music show. Another tour provider is Black Hills Open-Top-Tours, who start from 1033 Clear View Lane and will pick you up at your hotel. They offer authentic Sioux history tours with Lakota guides!

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Weekend Bus Trip to Minneapolis & Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is a nice little town, which – as the name suggests – is known for its waterfalls. Therefore, the beautiful Falls Park is a must on the bucket list of any traveller coming to the town. Sioux Falls has many attractions to offer - here are a few!

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8 Things To Do in Chicago & Madison


Settlers took more than one route through the American continent, towards the west - and not all of them led to the South West. On the contrary, one of the trails led from Independence, MI, to Oregon. On this path of former settlers, we’re not starting in Independence, but in Chicago, and going towards the north, passing Yellowstone into Portland.

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Weekend Bus Trip to San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara

After having paid a visit to Big Sur, the only way further down south leads back to Monterey via bus 22 and then on to Salinas via the MST bus 20. From there, you can catch a Greyhound down to San Luis Obispo, after which the route leads back to the coastline. The bus ride from Salinas takes about two hours.

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Santa Barbara

5 Places You Can’t Miss in Monterey & Big Sur

Big Sur, Monterey

The Monterey-Salinas bus 22 runs several times daily, seven days a week from Memorial Day through to Labour Day, and weekends through the rest of the year. Even though the bus only goes to Nepenthe, which is about one third into Big Sur, it provides some great views. One of them is the much-photographed Bixby Bridge.

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Weekend Bus Trip to Santa Cruz

There’s nothing better than discovering a new city by stopping between bus rides. Not only does this allow you to see new places, but it also can be a trick for cutting into long layovers that can last several hours. Here are some of our tips for visiting Santa Cruz.

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Santa Cruz

10 Places You Can’t Miss in San Francisco


No trip along Highway 1 could possibly leave out San Francisco, the former capital of the Flower Power movement, famous for its bridge. So, we’re starting our bus trip here! The interesting thing about this city is the fact that you can get to most of its sightseeing spots using the historic streetcar, the F-Line between Castro and Fisherman’s Wharf. Here are our must-sees along that line that you should absolutely check out.

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