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Traveling by bus in Peru with Kids? Find out the Best Tips from Travel Mad Mum

If travelling in a foreign country isn’t always easy, imagine travelling in a foreign country with kids!

A few months ago, the lovely Travel Mad Mum, also known as Karen Diggs, got in touch with us. She was planning a trip to Peru with her husband and two young children in tow and wanted to test Busbud in Latin America. We jumped on the opportunity, as we were just rolling out the Busbud Explorer program. We also love to get user feedback and reviews on our product and services, so this partnership was a natural fit!

This following video will showcase how Karen is a Travel Mad Mum expert.


Travelling soon to Peru? with kids? Find out Karen’s best tips on how to travel to Peru using Busbud.

Bus routes travelled


Trip highlights

Machu Picchu was the most incredible experience of this trip. Nothing can describe the magical feeling from the moment of arriving in Sacred Valley, to seeing the ruins itself. It’s literally like another world.

Photo credit : Travel Mad Mum


I feel a wide variety of experiences is always good.

  1. Beaches in Mancora
  2. Water fountains in Lima
  3. Machu Picchu of course.
Photo credit: Travel Mad Mum

You enjoy Busbud because of …

The multiple options: it saved me from doing research across multiple companies. I also enjoyed being able to choose vegetarian meals and our specific seats.


Describe your overall experience. How was travelling by bus with kids?

Day time trips can be quite challenging when travelling with kids, the night time ones are normally easier. The buses are really comfortable and chairs recline right back. The kids can sleep very well. The only issue is as a parent, you psych yourself for the number of hours you will travel with little ones. In Latin America, buses are quite often late so that can be difficult when telling kids ‘just a little longer’.


What can we do better?

Kid’s entertainment. Kids need more entertaining and they get bored after a while. If they are sleeping, that’s the best case scenario.


Best advices to parents when travelling in Peru with kids –

It really is an awesome country. It was one of our favourite in all of South America. The main thing to remember is that is an incredibly long country so distances reflect that. Not to mention the mountainous terrain. Be prepared.


The must-not-forget-item-when-taking-the-bus-with-kids

Wipes. Sounds silly but wipes solve everything with two little messy kids especially on the buses!


Overall score (out of 5)



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