Join a team that takes you to new places

Our values

Going places

Just like we help people get to their travel destination, we believe in supporting our employees on their career journey.

Independent Spirit

We cultivate our curiosity, teach ourselves and share new knowledge, and move along the path of continuous learning.


We embrace sustainability in our business, workplace and community, by fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Super Helpful

Helpfulness is a core part of our mission, and we go the extra mile to provide a seamless booking experience for our customers, so they enjoy a smooth journey.

Cultural Initiatives

Field trips

We organize field trips to gather insights on how our users travel and to put ourselves in our users' shoes. Our hands-on experience informs the way we design the easy and seamless booking experience that Busbud offers.

Here are some field trips we have organized recently:

Omnibus Project

We've made diversity a priority throughout our company and beyond, with concrete action every quarter. We decided to name this our Omnibus Project, with omni meaning "all" in latin. In other words, "a bus for all".


Twice a year, our team members put their usual jobs aside for 3 days to work on a project that they think is interesting and worthwhile – whether exploring something new in the product, for the company culture or something else they've been itching to work on. Here are some of the more "internally famous" hackathon projects that we've completed.

Sustainability week

Twice per quarter, the Product Engineering Team takes a step back for a week and focuses on tasks that help maintain and improve its velocity. This is guaranteed time set aside to make sure we are maximizing our creativity and productivity.

For engineers, this usually means time to tackle technical debt, upgrade dependencies, scratch that code refactoring itch, collaborate across squads and make other healthy investments.

For product, it's an opportunity to review plans, get a head start on new ones, further explore customer feedback and catch up after a few sprints of work to make sure we're always doing our best for our users.