10 Travel Products You’ll Take On Every Trip

Whether you’re off climbing the Andes or biking through London, what you pack may not make or break your trip, but why waste time hunting down these forgotten essentials? Use this list as your starting point for every trip you take:

Deuter Quantum Backpack


deuter quantum backpack

Don’t you hate it when you have to dig for your camera that’s stuck at the bottom of your bag? This Quantum backpack is the cure to your overpacking woes: it lets you grab your stuff from both top and side pockets easily.

Bakoda Micro Lock

Bakoda Micro Lock

Keep your bags secure with this tiny but tough retractable micro lock. This will make sure no one can steal your valuables if you’re staying at a hostel or traveling in crowded locations.

LOGiiX Piston Power Battery Pack

Logiix Piston Power Battery Pack

This portable battery pack provides a full charge for your phone so you can snap and post pics all day without worrying about your phone dying.

eForCity Universal Adapter Plug


eForCity Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

Prevent your laptop from getting fried with a good universal surge protector. It’s essential for visiting foreign countries with different power outlets.

Inflatable Travel HoodiePillow

Hoodie Pillow

Yes, this is a hoodie and pillow combined for when you need some sleep on the road. The adjustable drawstrings allow you to pull the hood over your eyes to block out the light and happily snooze away the afternoon.

Travel Snacks

Perfect Bar snacks

When you’re seeing the best sights in South America or Europe , you might forget that you need to stop and eat every once in a while. We like these tasty, easy-to-pack nutrition bars. And these meal kits, which are great for packing leftovers to go, fit snugly in your bag so you won’t have to worry about a grumbling stomach when you’re bussing around.

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen

This insulated water bottle is perfect for keeping your coffee hot when you’re snowboarding in Aspen or your water ice-cold when you’re trekking through Machu Picchu.

Fulton Umbrella


Fulton Umbrella

Nothing is worse than getting caught in a downpour with nothing for cover. Fulton umbrellas fold up small into a pack—some even fit into a jacket pocket. Better yet, don’t fear gusty winds—these umbrellas can withstand turning inside out and back again.

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel


Sea to Summit Towel

Packing wet towels after a beach trip is a pain—that’s why we like these microfiber travel towels. They dry super fast, come in a variety of sizes, and won’t pick up germs, so all you’ll bring back are memories of the awesome time you had.

Wireless Headphones

isport headphones

If you’ve exhausted the games and apps on your phone and just want to catch up on Serial, relax on the bus with a pair of earbuds or headphones. Look for wireless ones so you don’t have to deal with tangled cords in your pack.

Now that you have the essential items for your trip, all that’s left is to book your trip. Check out our latest deals: Busbud.com.