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How We Got Inspired by a Deaf Globe-Trotter’s Travels Around the World

Only few of us would drop everything to follow our lifetime dream. It takes a lot of courage, openness and resilience. 

Calvin Young is a deaf traveller. He grew up in Texas and studied new media marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, meanwhile he also started two companies. Despite all those achievements, he realized he needed to accomplish his lifetime dream: travelling the world.

Since then, he has travelled through 57 countries and enjoyed every single one of them for their uniqueness and diversity. He is now an experienced traveller, a great marketer and a public figure. Through his photos and videos, Calvin has inspired hundred of thousands of people, including our team. We’re happy to say he’s also recently became a Busbud Explorer.

His last adventure took him to Europe where he visited 15 countries in three months. His main objective was to educate different communities on how to travel the world. We proudly supported him in his latest journey. We have a lot of overlap with him in our mission: make travel accessible to everyone

Here’s a video documenting Calvin’s European Tour –

Busbud x Calvin Young Collaboration from Busbud on Vimeo.

Video credits: Calvin Young and Justin Perez, Seek the World

Top-5 tips when taking the bus 

Since Calvin has a few bus rides on his back, he also shared his top-5 tips when taking the bus. Here is his advice:

  1. Take an overnight bus to save costs. It’ll also allow you to sleep on the bus and spend more time exploring once you arrive.
  2. Find the electric plugin on the bus. Videographer or not, we always want our electronic devices fully charged when travelling.
  3. Sit in the middle of the bus, it offers the smoothest ride on bumpy roads.
  4. Keep your valuables close to you. Always have a carry-on with your valuable items and a pair of spare clothes with you on the bus. Then you can have more peace of mind in case anything happens to your bag in the hold.
  5. Check your bus trip details and itinerary (a/c, wifi, plugs, stops and transfers, etc.) prior to booking so you know what to expect. Busbud offers all those details when purchasing online or via app 🙂

Busbud’s mission is to make travel accessible to everyone

In December of last year, we became ADA compliant. Every day, within our team and community, we promote diversity initiatives such as Busbud Omnibus Project and Ladies Learning Code & Women Techmakers Montreal. Finally, we are working hard to make our website accessible for visually impaired users by the end of 2017.


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