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Search, compare and book tickets from hundreds of bus companies in 10,000 cities across 63 countries and 500,000 bus routes.

Busbud is the bus travel booking website with the largest coverage, serving over two million departures to travelers around the world every week.



Our vision is to make travel accessible for everyone

We envision a world in which every person can fulfill their need for travel. A world where you can easily visit family and friends, commute to school and work, and explore the world.

As humans, we have the urge to explore. By traveling, you can be closer to the people you love. You can also discover more about yourself and the world around you.

By empowering travelers through technology, Busbud aims to create a more accessible world for everyone.

Our mission is to help travelers find and book the perfect bus trip

Busbud gives travelers clear and accurate bus travel information like schedules, prices, reviews, service classes, amenities, stop addresses, bus pictures and more. Using the website, mobile apps and customer touchpoints, travelers discover options they weren’t aware of and save money by comparing prices from different companies. They can quickly book bus tickets in their language and their currency, on their laptop or phone.

By helping travelers find and book the perfect bus trip, Busbud makes traveling the world more accessible for everyone.

The Busbud story

Having freshly completed his MBA at Harvard, Busbud's co-founder and CEO LP Maurice wanted to explore the world before deciding what challenge to tackle next. So in the summer of 2011, he decided to backpack across South America on an eye-opening journey from the southern tip of Argentina to the mountains of Peru.

Throughout his trip, LP realized that he loved traveling by bus. However, he was spending too much time figuring out how to get from point A to point B. Between the language barrier, the amount of bus companies available and the difficulty of finding reliable schedules, bus travel at the time was frustrating.

While riding a bus in Argentina, LP wrote the entire business plan for Busbud. Upon his return to Canada, he recruited childhood friends Mike Gradek and Fred Thouin to launch the company with, and the rest is history. In an era where travelers can easily book a flight, hail a cab, and reserve a hotel room online, there needs to be a better way to buy bus tickets. And now, there is.

Who we are

CEO Louis-Philippe Maurice holds an MBA from Harvard, a Master’s of Law from University of Montreal and a Bachelor of Finance from HEC Montreal. He’s an experienced product manager who worked at Yahoo and LinkedIn before founding Busbud. He’s also an avid traveler and professional photographer.

CTO Michael Gradek holds a Computer Engineering degree from McGill University, and is a Microsoft veteran who has worked on the Bing.com search engine for over six years.

Chief Scientist Frederic Thouin holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from McGill University, and is responsible for developing the data science technology behind Busbud.

Busbud is crafted with love by a growing team of talented and data-driven individuals. Meet the whole team.