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Guides to celebrating Carnival in Brazil

With Carnival season fast approaching in Brazil, here’s a quick list of tips on how to best enjoy the upcoming celebrations.

1. Telegraph Travel: Where to find the best street parties by Donna Bowater

Major keys to the article: Donna explains what travelers should be wary of (pickpocketers), explains in detail what is a Bloco (type of street party), what Blocos you should attend, the recommended attire & how to purchase legitimate tickets to attend the main carnival parade at the Sambodromo.

2. Pink Pangea: The Girl’s Guide to Carnival in Brazil by Fernando Lopes

Major keys to the article: Fernando gives plenty of useful insights for women traveling to Brazil during Carnival. The article recommends being in Rio de Janeiro if you want to see the most famous and luxurious Carnival parade but warns of the tickets’ pricey value. The article also mentions that Carnival in Brazil’s countryside is much more traditional, and she recommends visiting Ouro Preto if you want to party in the country.


3. EUSOUATOA: Survival Guide to Carnival in Brazil by Lívia Aguiar

Major keys to the article: Lívia gives tips on how to properly prepare your time in Brazil during this season, recommends wearing funny & bright costumes, warns not bring many valuables and also informs you on the proper urinating etiquette…because apparently it’s a serious issue.

4. The Borderless Project: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Rio Carnival

Major keys to the article: This article summarizes the various “blocos” per neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, tips on where to stay and other safety recommendations during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

More recommended tips and tricks:

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