Why we love the bus

Busbud’s mission is to make it easier to choose the bus. Why the bus, you say? We’re glad you asked.

1. Taking the bus is a great way to see the world

Traveling by bus is the best way to discover a country: you meet locals, stop in small towns, lay back and take in the view. You get to see the countryside, not the airport.

2. The bus can take you (almost) anywhere

In many countries around the world, Brazil and Turkey, for example, taking the bus is the main means of getting from one city to another.

3. Traveling by bus is cheap

A bus ticket from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo during the World Cup can be as low as $29. That’s much cheaper than a $400 flight.

4. Buses are increasingly comfortable

All over the world, bus companies are ramping up on comfort levels and customer service: more and more buses offer wifi, power outlets, extra leg room and sleeping options. On some buses, you’ll even find on-board attendants to serve you snacks.

5. Buses are green

One bus can replace a minimum of 30 cars.

6. Buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all motorized transport modes

Buses emit 0.03 kg of CO2 per passenger-kilometer. This is half that of trains and radically smaller than the amount emitted by cars (0.11) and airplanes (0.18).

7. Buses are energy-efficient

It takes 0.6-0.9 liters of gas to carry one passenger by coach over 100 kilometers, compared to 2.6 liters by high-speed train, 6.6 liters by airplane and 7.6 liters by gas-powered car.

Infographics and statistics courtesy of our partner Smart Move.