Omnibus Project: Q1 2017 results

In April 2017, we launched our diversity initiative, the Omnibus Project, to foster diversity at Busbud and beyond. Each quarter, we identify up to 5 actions that we can take to help foster diversity, and report publicly on our progress. Here are the results for Q1 period from January to March 2017.

We decided as a group that we would commit to 5 concrete actions every quarter that would promote diversity at Busbud and beyond, and report on them regularly and publicly.

I am proud to share the results from our initial action list for Q1 2017, ending March 31st:

1. Conduct an internal survey on our own diversity inside Busbud and share results in an internal town-hall team meeting.


2. Change our open job postings to make them more inclusive.

Done, see example here.

3. Highlight the importance of diversity & inclusiveness in our new employee onboarding materials.


4. Participate in one diversity-focused event in our local community.

Done. We were extremely happy to welcome the great folks from Ladies Learning Code in the Busbud office, to host a group of girls from 13-17 years old (aka the “Teen Club”) to share how we think about building technology products at Busbud. See blog post here.

5. Recruit a female board member to our board of directors.

In progress. We have committed to this. We’re currently sorting through dozens of profiles of incredibly talented women, and looking to welcome a new board member in the coming weeks.

Of course, achieving diversity and equality is not a one-time effort that we can hope to “check off” in one quarter. We understand that it will be the fruit of sustained effort over the quarters and years to come.