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Ride Brazil’s Coast During Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio music festival is back this year starting September 15th for the event’s 6th edition in the Brazilian coastal city of Rio de Janeiro.

The 2017 lineup futures rock legends such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses, The Who and Aerosmith, but blends in big-time pop stars in the likes of Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. Further, the main site, named The New City of Rock, has undergone a thorough transformation since the last edition and will offer festival-goers several stages, top-notch food accommodations and even roller-coasters.

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Since the festival is spread over two weekends, we thought we’d suggest a few destinations near Rio so you can make the most of the down time and visit some of Brazil’s most beautiful coastal destinations, all within a few hours’ bus ride.

There are many ways to discover Brazil, but bus travel might be the cheapest, most convenient and comfortable way to do so. Bus transport in Brazil is efficient, clean and relatable. We’ve already covered the ins and outs of taking the bus in Brazil, and we found out what places in Brazil were the most Instagrammed, so take a look and get inspired!

São Paulo

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The gigantic city of São Paulo, or Sampa as it is known locally, is a culture-rich metropolis home to some 20 millions Paulistanos. Its multicultural population finds roots in diverse countries such as Japan (world’s largest Japanese diaspora), Italy, Lebanon, Haiti, Bolivia and Peru, and this wide array of origins contributes to the unique international vibe associated with South America’s most populous city.

As a city that could very well challenge New-York’s title of ‘’city that never sleep’’, São Paulo has a remarkable nightlife supported by its round-the-clock clubbing activity and astonishing number of bars (upwards of 15,000). For those who prefer to take it a little easier on the partying, São Paulo has been dubbed a ‘’foodie haven’’ by Lonely Planet.

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The Costa Verde wonder of Parati has it all. Its colonial, car-free center will let you casually stroll its cobblestone streets and relive the city’s 17th century days. Surrounding exquisite beaches are the perfect place to wind down and scuba dive. And the close-by rainforest – accessible by foot – offers a wide range of adventurous activities, like this tree-climbing park.

While you’re relaxing on the beach, don’t forget to order a caipirinha, the local-favourite drink, made primarily of cachaça, a sugarcane-derived alcohol.

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Armação dos Búzios

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Located on the Sun Coast North of Rio de Janeiro, Armação dos Búzios, or simply Búzios, has been hailed as the ‘’South American St-Tropez’’. Just like the Mediterranean city, Búzios, once a small fishing village, became a world renowned vacation destination when femme fatale Brigitte Bardot was photographed spending the holidays on its sunny beaches in the 1960s.

During the day, spend some time to unwind on one of the 17 beaches surrounding the city, or casually stroll on Orla Bardot, the town’s beautiful waterfront boardwalk. After dark, to experience the buzzing Búzios nightlife to its fullest, head to Rua das Pedras, which becomes the town’s hotspot after hours.

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