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Atelier & Saveurs Team Building Event

Because nothing brings a team closer than cooking a meal together!

On May 23rd, our team had its seasonal recreational activity at Atelier & Saveurs, a local business in the Mile-End specialized in culinary and mixology workshops. This event was an occasion for team bonding and integrating the cohort of new employees who started on the Monday of the week. This casual format helped break down barriers between departments and recharge our batteries to power while having fun and eating amazing food. Our team spent the evening preparing tapas and learning how to make unique cocktails – just in time for the summer season. The perfect activity for our group of foodies!

Check out our Busbud aprons, protecting us from our clumsiness while making for awesome team pictures! 👩‍🍳

The program of the evening was separated into two activities. The first was a culinary workshop where our team had to prepare and cook 5 different tapas. The cooking tasks went from measuring ingredients to the prep of the vegetables and proteins. The second workshop consisted of preparing the evening’s cocktail: a cucumber and gin cocktail topped with ginger beer, a refreshing play on the traditional gin and tonic.







Once the first round was done, the teams switched stations and it was Team B’s turn to take care of the food while Team A relaxed and enjoyed their cocktail. Team B was responsible for finishing the spreads, getting the perfect cook on the proteins and plating the tapas. After the food was done, we all converged back to the cocktail area to enjoy the delicious food we cooked together.

This event was the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with our fellow Busbuds outside of the office and reinforce the community spirit of Busbud as the team continues to grow!







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