Bus People Stories – Pennie’s Story

  Name and profession? Pennie, tour manager and consultant Where do you live? Montreal, Canada What do you like about traveling? Meeting new people and learning more about different countries and cultures. Why do you choose to travel by bus? The opportunity to see everyday life and social activities is more accessible by bus. Planes […]

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Bus People Stories – J’lisa’s Story

Name and profession? J’lisa, accountant. Where do you live? I’m from South Africa but I’ve been living on the east coast of US for the past 5 months. Where are you traveling? I’m taking the bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. What’s your favorite thing about traveling? I think it opens your eyes to […]

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Bus People Stories – Jaime’s Story


Name and profession? Jaime, bus driver. How long have you been a bus driver? 20 years. What do you like most about your job? I like to help people and I also like to travel. In my profession I get to do both of those things. What makes your job challenging? The weather can sometimes […]

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Bus People Stories – Riikka’s Story

Name and profession? Riikka, waitress. Where do you live? Amsterdam, Netherlands. What do you like about traveling? My favorite thing about traveling is to see new, exotic places, meet different kind of people and get to know other cultures and experience different things. Why do you choose to travel by bus? I choose to travel […]

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Bus People Stories Series- Hadjamar & Julia Bus Story

Featured image Flores da Cunha - Brazil Douglas Scortegagna

Name and profession? Hadjamar, military officer. Julia, teacher. Where do you live? Recife, Brazil. What do you like about traveling? Learning about new places and other people’s cultures. It’s also nice to recharge our batteries and to forget about our daily obligations for a little bit. It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and […]

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