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Bus People Stories Series- Hadjamar & Julia Bus Story

We can’t stress enough on how much we love bus traveling!

That’s why we interviewed travelers from different backgrounds and part of the world so you get a feel of what it’s really like to travel by bus. Their answers are fascinating! They will make you hope that more people would actually take the bus! Get a look at our Bus People Stories Series!


Hadjamar Julia

Name and profession?
Hadjamar, military officer.
Julia, teacher.

Where do you live?
Recife, Brazil.

What do you like about traveling?
Learning about new places and other people’s cultures. It’s also nice to recharge our batteries and to forget about our daily obligations for a little bit. It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and start friendships.

Why do you like traveling by bus?
When you travel by bus you don’t have the usual driver responsibilities. You can actually pay attention to the landscape around you. If you travel with a group of friends the trip becomes way more interesting. It’s a good option for car owners because they get to keep their cars in better condition since they don’t need to worry about how much gas they’re going to spend, how used the tires will be at the end of a long trip, or the cost of car maintenance before and after a long trip. And you don’t even need to worry about parking after you get to your destination.

What was your favorite bus trip?

A trip to Fortaleza, North East Brazil, with a group of friends. The bus turned into this great environment where everyone was interacting during the 12 hours on the road. People were chatting, some others were singing songs and playing trivia games. Despite the long trip, everyone was entertained and enjoying themselves.


Why be turned off by a 12 hour bus trip, when you can have quality time with your friends! No headaches, no additional cost for gas and a fun time all together! No one’s the driver, so you can really enjoy your time with your travel companions! 

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