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Bus People Stories – Pennie’s Story

We can’t stress enough on how much we love bus traveling!

That’s why we interviewed travelers from different backgrounds and part of the world so you get a feel of what it’s really like to travel by bus. Their answers are fascinating! They will make you hope that more people would actually take the bus! Get a look at our Bus People Stories Series!


Pennie copy


Name and profession?
Pennie, tour manager and consultant

Where do you live?
Montreal, Canada

What do you like about traveling?
Meeting new people and learning more about different countries and cultures.

Why do you choose to travel by bus?
The opportunity to see everyday life and social activities is more accessible by bus. Planes or trains might be faster, but you don’t see the city and country life in the same way as you do from a bus.

Tell us your best bus experience?
Crossing the border from Argentina to Chile. From the Chilean border you could look down and see 17 switchbacks, it was a spectacular sight!


That’s right, with bus traveling you’ll not only witness magnificent landscape from afar you’ll also be at its heart.