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Bus People Stories – J’lisa’s Story

We can’t stress enough on how much we love bus traveling!

That’s why we interviewed travelers from different backgrounds and part of the world so you get a feel of what it’s really like to travel by bus. Their answers are fascinating! They will make you hope that more people would actually take the bus! Get a look at our Bus People Stories Series!


jilisa copy
Name and profession?
J’lisa, accountant.

Where do you live?
I’m from South Africa but I’ve been living on the east coast of US for the past 5 months.

Where are you traveling?
I’m taking the bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling?
I think it opens your eyes to new things. I’ve been exposed to so many other cultures everywhere I’ve traveled.

Why do you like taking the bus?
I like the fact that I can travel stress free and not have to worry about traffic. It’s also much cheaper than driving or flying.

Tell us about your best bus experience?
I once almost missed my bus and my cab driver actually blocked the bus so I wouldn’t miss it. That was quite fun, I felt like I was in a movie for a moment

Bus traveling is cheaper, stress free, connects to other and you might end up having a ”movie” moment. How to resist?