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Hey Busbud, Can I Bring my Pet on a Bus in the USA?

Dear traveler, we are very sorry to inform you that pets aren’t allowed on most bus carriers in the US! Greyhound, Megabus, BoltBus, Peter Pan, Yo!Bus, RedCoach, Jefferson Lines, and most of the Trailways companies state in their policies that animals are forbidden on their buses. The only exception is made for service animals for the disabled.

Traveling with pets

So, is my Chihuahua forbidden from boarding as well?
Yes, sorry! Even if you carry your Chihuahua in a bag.

And…what about my rabbit?
No exceptions exist for any other animals. Rabbits, cats, giraffes, elephants are refused from boarding as well!

And if I transport my pet in a cage?
Nope, that doesn’t work either. Only small, regional bus companies allow (small) pets on their buses if transported in hard carriers and checked in with the luggage.

Really, but my pet is truly well-behaved – won’t they make an exception?
Again, no. Neither us nor the bus providers are able to bend rules for you or your animal!

Look at my cat’s eyes, it is so cute. How can you possibly refuse it from boarding?
Nice try! Bus providers are against discrimination and will not treat your cute kitty any different from the ugliest dog in the world!

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