New releases

More currencies for your convenience

New currencies on Busbud

Bus ticket prices are now available on Busbud in 29 currencies, including the recently added:

  • CHF Swiss Francs
  • DKK Danish Krone(r)
  • ILS Israeli New Shekel
  • NOK Norwegian Krone(r)
  • SGD Singapore Dollar
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar

We added these currencies to meet implicit demand so you can see prices in a currency that’s familiar.

How we determined the next most popular currencies to add

When you visit Busbud, we’ll make an educated guess for the currency that’s most familiar to you. That guess will follow you through bus departure search results, the checkout and your purchase.

When you use your credit card to make your purchase, we securely process your payment with the help of our Level 1 certified PCI Compliant partners and leverage parts of the card information to determine which bank issued your credit card and which country it comes from. As a business that helps travelers and commuters buy bus tickets in over 60 countries, it’s critical that we find the best processor for your credit card. We use the information about your card’s issuing bank to do just that: increase the chances of your transaction being successful (local processors generally have a better transaction approval rate) and also charge you in the appropriate currency so you can avoid foreign transaction fees.

Pick your favorite currency

All of this is based on a guess, so, of course, if you don’t agree with our guess, you can always change it using our currency picker. We’ll save your selection to a cookie so we can remember your favorite currency throughout your visit and the next ones too. You’ll find the list of currencies to choose from in our footer on our website on desktops.

Currency change control screenshot

When viewing the website on your phone or tablet, it’s tucked away in the burger menu.

Currency change control screenshot


We’ll also be making these available in our iOS and Android apps shortly!

Next, we’ll be working on improving the way we display prices and currencies so we get that formatting just right. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find these new additions useful so you can compare and buy bus tickets in your language and your currency!

Co-Founder, CTO

PS: If you take pride in the little things too and want to help us make bus travel to an ever-increasing number of people, join us! We’re hiring!