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How to Visit 5 Amazing Eastern Europe Destinations for 60 EUR

Old Town and Charles Bridge over Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic

Travel comes at a cost, and usually a big one. There’s a constant battle between our desire to travel to far-flung corners of the earth and the debilitating reality that we can’t afford it. However, travel doesn’t always have to be expensive so long as you’re savvy, plan ahead and make use of city buses. That’s where Busbud comes in, our team of travel and transport experts are here to find you the safest, fastest and most affordable bus journeys across the globe, allowing you to keep up your city hopping without rinsing your wallet! Below, we’ve listed five amazing cities in Eastern Europe, each bursting with history and culture, that can be visited for less than €60. Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

An overview of the itinerary


Chain bridge on Danube river in Budapest

Your Eastern European tour begins in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, home to the world’s third largest Parliament building, an endless number of thermal spas and Europe’s largest interactive museum (get ready to spend hours at the Pinball Museum)! When you’re not admiring the towns gothic architecture, visiting the 19th century Fisherman’s Bastion or soaking up the local culture at Hosök Tere, you should be enjoying a medicinal bath at the city’s largest outdoor spa: Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Make sure you try a bowl of goulash before you leave, the countries national dish and a heart-warming affair! Better yet, you can usually pick up a bowl for under €5!

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Bratislava castle

Just over a two-hour bus ride north of Budapest, set aside the Danube River, is the Slovakian capital city of Bratislava. With a Baroque hilltop castle that dates back to 907 A.D, medieval ruins that overlook the Danube and a 13th-century Romanesque cathedral, this little city provides the perfect weekend break for culture vultures and historians alike. The city is also famous for its riverboat cruises, Christmas markets and it is quaint Old Town which is entirely pedestrianized. Make sure you stop by one of the cities new microbreweries for a taste of the local beer (beer prices can start as low as €1.45 a pint)!

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Total cost for transportation: €10


Prague cityscape

In the northern Czech Republic, a landlocked country surrounded by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia, you’ll find the capital city of Prague, your next stop on your journey in Eastern Europe. This vibrant city is renowned for its breweries, magnificent castles and historic old town, all of which provide an excellent array of activities for a diverse Eastern European adventure. Prague is also on the map for its delicious local cuisine including palačinky (a Czech pancake), smaženy syr (deep-fried cheese), and Knedlíky (a dumpling served as a side dish). If you’re looking for a meal rather than a snack then a hearty bowl of meat, sauce and dumplings comes in under €4.50 if you avoid the tourist restaurants.

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Total cost for transportation: €30


Wroclaw central market square

Four hours north of Prague sits the Polish city of Wroclaw, Warsaw’s lesser known sister. While many skip this fascinating market town to head to the bright lights of Poland’s capital, it is well worth swinging by for a day or two. This pretty city lies on the banks of the River Oder and is home to Gothic architecture (in the form of a Town Hall), a 13th century Market Square and a modern fountain celebrating Poland’s democratic elections. Don’t forget to visit the cities 19th-century panoramic painting which commemorates the Battle of Raclawice.

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Total cost for transportation: €50


Warsaw cityscape


Poland’s capital, Warsaw, lies just under a four-hour drive east of Wroclaw and has been a popular tourist destination for centuries due to its rich history and impressive and varied architecture. Here the old and new blend perfectly and you’ll find modern skyscrapers next to neoclassical palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites. For your last stop on your journey,  make sure the Lazienki Park is on to your to-do list as it’s here that you’ll find some of the cities most significant and greatest palaces, nestled in amongst vibrant green flora. Note, beer in Warsaw is usually less than €1 a pint.

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Total cost of transportation: €60 

There you have it! 5 beautiful destinations, 4 countries and a mere 60 EUR. Here’s a recap of the itinerary:

Budapest to Bratislava€10
Bratislava to Prague€20
Prague to Wroclaw€20
Wroclaw to Warsaw€10


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This post was written by Hannah Hilton, a UK-based freelance travel writer and keen photographer. Check out Hannah’s adventures on her website, and follow her on Instagram.  

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