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Ciktur Elité

Ciktur Elité

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Ciktur Elité Phone number: +56951690977

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Amenities on Ciktur Elité buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Wifi + Entertainment

Ciktur Elité's Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses897
  • Cities50
  • Countries1
  • Routes313

Ciktur Elité Bus classes

  • Semi Cama
  • Comun Con Aire
  • Semi Cama

Ciktur Elité User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Ciktur Elité

3.9 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (61)

Mauricio L.October 30, 2019 | 

Servicio pésimo, cancelaron el viaje y nadie nos aviso con antelación.

Berta B.August 26, 2019 | 

Very good. Just one thing, there was no gluten free food

Cynthia C.July 10, 2019 | 

Would definitely travel with them again.

Brenda T.July 7, 2019 | 

Very comfortable seats. I had been able to change my original seat allocation ro a window seat . I was given front seat upstairs! Hot meal was unexpected. Scenery brilliant and driver made up for late departure

Julian Felipe R.July 5, 2019 | 

Buen servicio

Paola Z.July 4, 2019 | 

Very good and comfortable

Bruna C.July 3, 2019 | 

Buses were very old, had nowhere to charge the phone, the toilet was dirty. When asked if there was a place to charge the phone the driver was rude and agressive and never answered, just yelled for me to go back to my seat. Ridiculous.

Shannah D.May 12, 2019 | 

No toilet paper, no hand wash in the washroom, bus smelt like urine.

Muriel M.July 11, 2018 | 

very good service and the confort was excellent

Foteini D.May 26, 2018 | 

Everything was perfect with the service, beyond the fact the none of stuff could speak English.

Cecilia L.May 9, 2018 | 

El bus salió 40 minutos tarde. En Calama bajamos fuera de la estación y hubo que cruzar con maletas una calle bastante transitada. Los choferes fueron muy amables.

Jamie H.April 12, 2018 | 

Two areas for improvement: 1. The bus arrived 30 minutes late and then spent a further 15 minutes talking outside the bus (supposed to leave at 17:45 but only left @ 18:30). When I asked the Ciktur Elite staff @ 18:00 where the bus was they kept pointing at the departure time of 17:45 suggesting I was late and I had missed the bus. I kept saying i had been waiting since 17:15 & that the had been no bus. They eventually found out that the bus was late. Surely there could be better communication than this. 2. I booked a salon cama (seat with more room and reclines more than the normal seats upstairs). I was disappointed to find the person in front of me put his seat all the way back onto my legs and I could not move at all. I was wishing I had spent less and got a seat upstairs which were way better. Anyway I spoke to the bus attendant and he was happy to let me sit in another seat.

Monique H.February 20, 2018 | 

Not a great bus line. The seats were uncomfortable, the bus was incredibly hot and they do not provide a meal or water.

Allen R.February 16, 2018 | 

First rate from beginning to end

Hans E.February 8, 2018 | 

It was too hot in the bus, apart from that IT was fine./Hans

Rand L.December 10, 2017 | 

The best of the s American busses so fad

Erdem G.January 4, 2018 | 

Very comfortable and very good organized

Camilo R.January 4, 2018 | 

Everything is ok

Brittany R.February 1, 2018 | 

Great company and comfortable seats.

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