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8 Bus Travel Survival Tips for 2016


At Busbud, we understand that traveling by bus can raise its fair share of questions and concerns. So we’ve created a super serious guide to give some inside knowledge to our loyal customers. With the help of our friend Alex Melki, here are 8 bus travel tips that can make your bus trip all the more memorable.

Bus tip #1. How to tweet like a celebrity blogger during your trip.


Being prepared is the key to social media success while traveling on the road.

Bus tip #2. How to save the seat next to you on the bus.


Who doesn’t enjoy having a free seat during a 9 hour bus trip from Montreal to New York City?

Bus tip #3. How to get better wifi on the bus.


The most essential of all bus tips.

Bus tip #4. How to fake your leg room on the bus.



Bus tip #5. Bring a power bar.


It’s better to stay on the safe side, you never know when you’ll to need to simultaneously charge all of your electronics.

Bus tip #6. Get your Tinder game ready.


Love isn’t in the air, it’s in the bus.

Bus tip #7. How to avoid getting hungry on the bus.


We all know about those legendary non-gluten free tuna sandwiches.

Bus tip #8. Essential music recommendations for your next bus trip.


Creating the perfect playlist is detrimental to the success of your bus trip.


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