Are shuttle services the future of public transportation?

For most people, public transport means buses and trains. But a different type of public transport has been gaining traction recently: shuttle services. Convenient and comfortable, these vehicles take passengers from A to B in a taxi-like service while letting them share the cost with other customers.

Let’s take a look at what exactly shuttle services are, the benefits they offer, and examples of leading companies in the US and Canada.

What are shuttle services?

Shuttle services—sometimes known as taxi-shares, or as taxi-buses in Quebec—are a hybrid of a bus and a taxi. Like a taxi, shuttle services typically take the form of a van or smaller bus and can go directly to a specific destination.  

Shuttle trips usually cover shorter routes if compared to most bus routes. But as with buses, passengers share the journey with other members of the public. This allows people to come together to reach the same destination (or destinations close to each other), meaning they can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Shuttle services have long been a staple of transport in some parts of the world, such as Latin America and the Caribbean, where fewer people have their own vehicles. But now they’re also starting to take hold in the US and Canada, with the demand for sustainable transport solutions growing.

Benefits of shuttle services

Shuttle services boost mobility in cities, providing an accessible way to move around cities. A McKinsey report on shared mobility found that 51% of people opted to ride share due to convenience 

 One million urban Canadians suffer from “transport poverty” (meaning they can’t afford a car and don’t have access to a major public transit route). In fact, around 25% of the population of Europe and the US have access to public transport.

People have long been calling for a better transportation network, and shuttle services could be part of the puzzle.

They’re also better for the environment. When more people travel together, less transport is used overall, which means lower carbon emissions. Considering Canadians and Americans drive the most polluting cars and tracks in the world — emitting more than 60 tonnes of CO2 in their lifespan — this is a major benefit.

Passengers also benefit from cheaper transport costs than they’d face if paying for an individual taxi journey. Often, costs of shuttle services rival those of other public transport types, like buses, but also offer the possibility of rides with fewer passengers.

Shuttles services in Canada

Are you wondering where you can take shuttle services yourself? With a focus on Canada, let’s look at some companies making use of this exciting, sustainable new transport method.


Jaguaride was created after its founder needed to travel frequently between laboratories in Canada as part of his scientific research. This inspired him to share taxis with his colleagues and split the fare between them — it was a more economical alternative with practically no disadvantages. They all went to the same place and got there just as quickly as before, but at a lower price.

The colleagues then continued the practice, and discussions with other friends made the founder realize there was a gap in the market for some kind of taxi-bus — especially considering that Canada prides itself on being environmentally conscious yet relies heavily on individual vehicles. 

Jaguaride sprung out of this, aiming to offer convenient and comfortable transport and a genuine alternative to Quebec’s limited transport options. It has an express shuttle between Montreal and Quebec City, as well as a service from Quebec City to the YUL International Airport.

The company uses comfortable minibusses, which have reclining seats, power outlets, and air conditioning. It has already achieved significant success and is planning on adding more shuttles and drivers to cater to the increasing demand, in addition to installing WiFi in its buses for further comfort.

Jaguaride won the Most On-Time Service Award on Busbud’s inaugural Travellers’ Best Award in 2024, proving their commitment to quality service and punctuality.

jaguaride shuttle service

Vivo Green

Similarly to Jaguaride, Vivo Green was born out of the founder’s own experiences and frustrations. After using shuttle services to enjoy the Canadian Rockies and realizing how inaccessible that option was for most, the founder created Vivo Green to give everyone an affordable option.

It runs various shuttle services in Canada throughout Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

There are three levels of service, depending on the comfort level required:

  • Public Shuttle: The most affordable option, with daily departures
  • Private Shuttle: Group transportation with between six and 32 seats
  • Charter Shuttle: For large groups that require a customizable itinerary 
  • Charter Service: A door-to-door service from Calgary to Moraine Lake with 11-24 seats

Vivo Green offers its customers a range of amenities to make their trips as comfortable as possible, including water bottles, charging stations, and luggage storage space.

In the BusBud Travellers’ Best Awards, travelers chose Vivo Green as the Best Shuttle Service, which is a testament to its quality and customer service.

Tour Express

Tour Express offers various routes across Canada. These include daily trips between :

  • Montreal to Ottawa
  • Montreal to Gatineau
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Montreal to Scarborough
  • Montreal to Sainte-Foy
  • Montreal to Quebec City

As well as taking people from city to city, Tour Express rents out shuttle vans to families or groups so they can take extended trips without having to buy a vehicle of their own.

Tour Express doesn’t take any stops between the two destinations, which helps to make the trips as swift as possible. It offers automobiles, minivans, and van shuttle services, all of which provide a luxurious and comfortable experience. Most of its vehicles have eight seats, providing a different experience than a typical bus or train.

Ready to ride?

Shuttle services are changing the face of public transport for the better by providing a sustainable, affordable, and convenient solution for getting around. They benefit passengers, drivers, and even the environment.

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