Busbud Awards 2024. Travellers’ Best

Canada's best bus companies, chosen by travellers

We’re thrilled to announce the inaugural Busbud Travellers' Best Awards 2024! Based on the voices of our community we shine a spotlight on the bus companies that consistently win our travellers' hearts.

Busbud Travellers’ Best Awards recognize outstanding bus companies in Canada committed to delivering exceptional services and prioritizing top-notch travel experiences. This is a celebration of companies who put travellers first, prioritize comfort and convenience, and keep that wanderlust alive across Canada.

And the winners are...

  • Red Arrow — Winner of the grand prize for best canadian bus company

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    "Red Arrow provided lovely on-board services to make their customers feel cared for and comfortable. The best bus experience I've had yet!"

    Nicole K.

    Best of the Best — Best Canadian Bus Company
    Best Canadian Bus Company
    Best Canadian Bus Company

    Red Arrow has been voted the Best Bus Company in Canada by Busbud travellers, based on thousands of reviews. This award recognizes Red Arrow's dedication to providing safe, comfortable, and enjoyable bus trips for travellers across Alberta and Ontario.

    Travellers consistently praise Red Arrow for going above and beyond to make their journeys positive experiences. In addition to offering excellent amenities, the company also prioritizes safety with their "Safely Home" initiative, ensuring travellers reach their destination feeling relaxed and safe. Red Arrow sure goes the extra mile to turn bus travel into a memorable experience.

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  • Rider Express — Winner in the category "Most Popular" for most popular bus company in Canada

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    "We had overall a very great experience. The staff was very polite and helpful. The driver was amazing, very polite, helpful and kind. So I recommend 100% travelling via Rider Express/Busbud."

    Pankaj P.

    Most Popular — Most Popular Bus Company in Canada
    Most Popular Bus Company
    Most Popular Bus Company

    Travellers have spoken, and their choice is clear: Rider Express is the nation's most popular bus company. Chosen most often by travellers, this award celebrates Rider Express' commitment to connecting people to over 70 Canadian destinations, consistently offering affordability, high-quality service, and comfort.

    The Alberta-based company has been dedicated to establishing a comprehensive network of routes, bridging the vast stretches of Canadian territory. Their dedication to both service excellence and route diversity has solidified their position as a top choice for travellers looking for the most practical way to explore Canada.

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  • winnerCategoryLogoHiddenLabel

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    “It was great. Loved the comfortable seating, having wifi access, and the overall biggest priority of having a safe travelling experience. Would definitely do it again.”

    Larissa H.

    Best Wi-Fi Connection
    Best Wi-Fi Connection

    Never miss a beat on the road: Red Arrow's Wi-Fi keeps you in the loop. The company has been crowned the champion of the Connectivity Award, which highlights its dedication to keeping travellers plugged in throughout their journeys across Alberta and Ontario.

    Red Arrow's onboard Wi-Fi consistently receives accolades from travellers, as reflected in numerous reviews who frequently commend its reliability. Through the resounding approvals of satisfied travellers, it becomes evident that Red Arrow's Wi-Fi stands among the elite in the Canadian bus industry, making it a great choice for those who prioritize dependable and seamless internet access during their journeys.

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  • Vivo Green — Winner in the category "Shuttle Star" for best shuttle company

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    “It was great! The company was enjoyable and the driver was always helpful, kind and clear! The clerk person was also very nice and helpful. Thank you for making my trip easier, safe and comfortable!”

    Rosa S.

    Category Shuttle Star — Best Shuttle Company
    Best Shuttle Company
    Best Shuttle Company

    Vivo Green, a Canadian shuttle company, has earned the Shuttle Star Award, recognizing excellence in providing transportation services using smaller format vehicles such as vans, or minibuses for trips between specific locations. Vivo Green stood out for its commitment to connecting travellers to unique destinations like the Canadian Rockies, while consistently delivering a positive travel experience.

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  • Jaguaride — Winner in the category "Time Trust", for the most on-time service

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    “It was great! Fast, comfortable, could sleep a little bit before the new adventure.”

    Valeriia B.

    Category "Time Trust" – Most On-time Service
    Most On-time Service
    Most On-time Service

    In today's fast-paced world, Jaguaride's commitment to punctuality sets them apart as a reliable and trustworthy travel partner. Their win in the Time Trust Award serves as an inspiration for other transportation providers, highlighting the importance of prioritizing schedule adherence and traveller satisfaction.

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  • Ebus — Winner in the category "Stellar Service" for best customer service

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    "The drivers and staff were so kind and organized and made sure everyone was getting on and off at the right stops - went out of their way to make sure. Really appreciated the ease of this trip! Thank you!"

    Carolyn B.

    Category "Stellar Service" — Best Customer Service
    Best Customer Service
    Best Customer Service

    Recognized with the Stellar Service Award, Ebus exemplifies its commitment to traveller satisfaction, evidenced by thousands of positive reviews and the highest problem resolution rates, along with quick response times.

    This achievement highlights Ebus' approach to treating everyone as a valued guest, illustrating the essence of the Ebus experience. From the moment you book your ticket to the time you arrive at your destination, Ebus consistently puts in the extra effort to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

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  • Quick Shuttle — Winner in the category "Bridge Builder" for cross-border trips

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    "The bus departing Seattle was on time and we even arrived in Vancouver early. The driver was courteous and efficient."

    Scott K.

    Category "Bridge Builder" — Top-rated for cross-border trips
    Top-Rated for Cross-Border Trips
    Top-Rated for Cross-Border Trips

    In today's increasingly interconnected world, seamless cross-border travel is essential. Quick Shuttle wins the Bridge Builder Award in recognition of its exceptional services on cross-border trips. Their success highlights the importance of prioritizing travellers’ comfort, efficiency, and a stress-free travel experience. Quick Shuttle caters to travellers heading from Seattle to Vancouver and vice-versa, providing a convenient and comfortable option for navigating border crossings.

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  • Onex Bus — Winner in the category "Global Riders" by international travellers

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    "I’ve used this service many times now and have always had a great experience. They are always on time, kind, helpful and the bus is clean and comfortable. Thank you!"

    Elizabeth C.

    Category "Global Riders" — Top-rated by international travellers
    Top-Rated by International Travellers
    Top-Rated by International Travellers

    Canada, a vibrant mosaic of cultures, attracts travellers from across the globe. When it comes to exploring this vast country by bus, ONEXBUS consistently rises to the top of the charts for international visitors. Winning the Global Rider Award, which recognizes the top-rated companies by international visitors, highlights their dedication to exceeding the expectations of world travellers.

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How are the award winners chosen?

Amplifying Travellers’ Voices

To identify the top-performing companies, we analyzed thousands of reviews from travellers who booked trips with Busbud in 2023. After each trip booked with Busbud, travellers are asked to rate their experience and share insights about the trip, considering factors like general satisfaction, timeliness, comfort, and amenities such as Wi-Fi. The evaluation included all bus companies operating in Canada that received over 100 reviews this past year.

Travel smarter with Busbud

Looking for the best way to get to your destination? Busbud is here to simplify your trips. We make booking your bus, train, and carpool trips easy in Canada and 80+ countries. Use Busbud to compare prices and schedules and choose from thousands of reputable companies. Browse over ten languages, pay in your currency, and enjoy a seamless experience.

As a trusted platform, Busbud has established partnerships with some of the world's most prominent transportation companies, including Via Rail, Red Arrow, Rider Express, Ebus, Quick Shuttle, Vivo Green, Jaguaride, Onex, and many others. Discover the world effortlessly with Busbud.

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