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Buses Atacama 2000

Buses Atacama 2000

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Amenities on Buses Atacama 2000 buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Entertainment (No Wifi)

Buses Atacama 2000’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses36
  • Cities11
  • Countries2
  • Routes12

Buses Atacama 2000 Bus classes

  • Premium
  • Salón Cama
  • Semi Cama
  • Pullman
  • Salón Cama
  • Standard
  • Semi Cama

Buses Atacama 2000 User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Buses Atacama 2000

3.1 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (66)

Lina T.29 March 2020 | 

would never book this again

Amber T.16 February 2020 | 

Really not great except for a very short trip. Bus was filthy and aircon didnt work.

Guillermo G.7 February 2020 | 

The second bus was too dirty and then we run out of petrol and we had to wait about 2 hours for the driver to come with some more petrol

Joshua M.24 January 2020 | 

Bus company was fine. Very barebones but got us to San Pedro. Bus left on time. No tags on bags. Bus depot is in a sketchy area though, be aware, two friends had bags stolen by kids.

Carol H.25 November 2019 | 

Bus was ridiculously cold all night. Ticket said snack included, no snack was given

Marc S.13 November 2019 | 

Needs to be more clear where bus leaves from. Pullman terminal vs. their office which the confirmation indicated

Jacob H.24 May 2019 | 

Great barebones bus service. Absolutely nothing fancy but they get the job done, and they do it well.

Samuel M.30 April 2019 | 

As many reviews mentioned this, I expected a bus change at the border. I asked the driver at the Chilean side of the border about it and he told me there will be no change, it will be the same bus all the way. Literally 5 minutes later, at the border, he told us we have to change the bus now! Why the lies? I don't understand it. The bus on the Bolivian side was worse but overall it was ok for the money. The road on the Bolivian side is entierly unpaved, so the ride is very rough, but not the bus company's fault.

Keren F.20 January 2019 | 

we changed bus in the middle of the journey (near the border) no one told us anything, there was no ac on the bus

Zane P.17 December 2018 | 

Bus left on time and all seemed well Seats were very uncomfortable and the aircon and even fans hardly ever worked so even though it was cold outside it was hot and stuffy inside. There was no indication to us that we would have to swap busses in the middle of nowhere and our luggage was thrown out on the ground. This 2nd Bus absolutely stank and the seats were broken, there was also no aircon at all for these next 5 hours. After 5 minutes we stopped again and had to take all our luggage off of the bus. The 2nd part of the trip the driver was very aggressive and did not know how to not press a horn even when travelling through small towns

Rob R.28 October 2018 | 

Decent bus. I found it a pity that we spend nearly two hours at the duty-free zone between Chili and Bolivia

Belinda L.18 October 2018 | 

Did the job as stated. My seat lever was broken but apart from that all was fine.

Petr V.12 April 2018 | 

The bus broke after about 2 houres of ride, and in the end we had to be taken by some truck to the border. It was about 3 houres delay.

Harriet W.30 March 2018 | 

The bus driver charged us again for the tickets on the bus and wouldn’t take us if we did we had to pay double!!!

Peter B.1 March 2018 | 

The Good Left on time, arrived on time The Bad Buses used were old and decrepit and the bus from the Chilean border to Uyuni was dirty.

Flor O.22 February 2018 | 

The bus got to the "station" or gate on time. Staff was helpful and kind. Chilean customs control went okay, but it took us ages to leave Avaroa, the Bolivian side.. something wrong with the passengers list or their IDs, which resulted in a 1.5-hour delay.. we got to Uyuni at 4:10pm, not 2:30pm as expected. I had to hire a transfer to my hotel in Colchani since the van provided by the hotel had already left :(

Suzune S.17 February 2018 | 

It was so comfortable ! Couldn't be better than that !

Mina C.9 February 2018 | 

Not bad

Brittany R.5 February 2018 | 

No tags for bags put in baggage hold.

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