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Tacc Expreso Norte

Tacc Expreso Norte

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Amenities on Tacc Expreso Norte buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment

Tacc Expreso Norte’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses864
  • Cities45
  • Countries1
  • Routes295

Tacc Expreso Norte Bus classes

  • Semi Cama
  • Comun Con Aire
  • Semi Cama

Tacc Expreso Norte User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Tacc Expreso Norte

3.5 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (71)

Daniele V.20 March 2020 | 

Was almost perfect, just he can stop to get some food. From when I left calama I couldn't eat.

Neil P.9 March 2020 | 

The bus broke down 3 times. We were left in the middle of the desert on the side of the highway for more than 4 hours in the cold and dark. About 5am, finally a replacement bus arrived. We arrived in La Serena at 7:30am, about 12hrs late. I will never book a bus with Espreso Norte again. There was little communication and as a foreign traveller, I felt completely ignored and never reassured about anything.

Bertoglio M.29 February 2020 | 

Late arriving

Jamie S.6 February 2020 | 

Comfortable seats and entertainment but unfortunately it arrived 20 minutes late. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Catherine C.31 January 2020 | 

Nice bus, nice staff.. Bus a little delayed.

Jacqueline M.22 April 2019 | 

Bus was comfortable and got us to the destination. However the bus was late and the driver drove what we thought was too fast on the mountain roads to make up the time. For some reason we all had to sit downstairs even though our ticketed seats were upstairs. The toilet also smelt.

Christopher B.20 April 2019 | 

My only objection is to the videos played. I was seated in seat #1. The videos were very violent and loud, and it made the journey unpleasant. I don't think anyone was watching them. Most of the passengers were sleeping, so the videos were an annoyance.

Patricia S.28 March 2019 | 

Though Arica has pleasant weather, the bus decided to keep the air conditioner on throughout the night, at a very uncomfortable coolness. We were more than very uncomfortable because of the cold, and the lack of blankets or something for the bus attendant to offer. The rest was fine and smooth.

Courtney R.23 March 2019 | 

The staff at Expreso Norte were very helpful when my ticketed bus did not arrive for departure. The schedule had change. He refunded my cancelled bus and hunted me down to give me my cash back. It was greatly appreciated.

Robert L.17 February 2019 | 

The staff were very unhelpful and the security is none existent. My bag wasn’t stolen with 400,000 pesos worth of cash and electronics inside by a man who walked onto the Bus without a ticket I have to cut my travels short now because i lost so much because of bad security and I didn’t even take the bus because my passport was stolen meaning I cannot continue my travels around South America. I would never recommend expreso Norte because of this. I am still in Santiago and have to pay for a hostel. I feel I should be compensated for my losses. Horrific service.

Patrícia C.16 December 2018 | 

Need to have a better service

Bennian Y.1 November 2018 | 

Good trip

John W.3 May 2018 | 

Service was cancelled and I was rescheduled onto a Pullman Service 30 minutes later. This left approx 30 minutes late. Diff I. Fare of CLP4000 refunded.

Anna B.15 April 2018 | 

My trip was okay, however there were no official breaks within a 25hrs journey, which I didn't like. I would appreciate at least one break in such a long drive, where staff members make sure that everybody is back on board before setting off again.

Tim F.22 February 2017 | 

Stuff were arrogant and didnt acted good.

Maximilian R.27 March 2017 | 

Worst Informations, worst staff, worst procedure ever experienced on a budtrip

Marta Z.20 April 2017 | 

Please provide seat numbers for people buying tickets online. I have been moved from the seat for three times during the night. It was very unpleasant experience since they wake me up every time. Even the drivers did not know what seat was available to use.

Wendy L.27 April 2017 | 

It was really late and arrived really late at calama too

Bethan R.4 May 2017 | 

Half an hour late but excellent comfort

Donald S.20 June 2017 | 

Buss stop at every little town , very slow trip , will nonot take that line again

Man Ming W.15 June 2017 | 

I think the staff of Expreso Norte is nice and helpful. The cleanliness of the bus is ok, in normal average. However, the bus station of Expreso Norte in Calama is really poor. The ceiling is leaking of water, old and dirty. The security in nearby society is not good, Some rogues came to the station and make us worried.

Jakob Riber R.24 July 2017 | 

Food sucked might aswell serve nothing.. I Mean one chicken nugget and pasta..

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