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Cristobal Colon

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Amenities on Cristobal Colon buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power outlets

Cristobal Colon's Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses185
  • Cities47
  • Countries1
  • Routes164

Cristobal Colon Bus classes

  • Lujo
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Lujo
  • Ejecutivo
  • Ejecutivo
  • Primera
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Ejecutivo
  • Lujo
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera

Cristobal Colon User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Cristobal Colon

3.0 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (42)

Kathrin J.March 3, 2020 | 

The only bus that leaves and arrives at convenient times for backpack traveling

Debra D.January 13, 2020 | 

We experienced a 4hr delay because there was a serious accident on a narrow stretch of road so all traffic waited while casualties were removed and vehicles recovered. Absolutely nothing the bus company could have done in the circumstances. However I didn’t hear any announcements of updates to our arrival time - I worked it out because I was aware of the delay but many people were sleeping and must have wondered? It also concerned me that because of the delay, our first driver was at the wheel for over 12hrs. Is this legal in Mexico? I feel there should be some contingency plans in place for such circumstances. Not the fault of the staff, but what is company policy?

Mylena France D.November 30, 2019 | 

Very disappointed, we atrived 5h late, we could almost miss our plane!

Anna M.November 28, 2019 | 

I was robbed on the bus and felt there was very poor security compared to ADO

Barbara W.November 11, 2019 | 

We had a sit at the back where we couldn’t recline the seats at all! But people in front of us could and they fully reclined. Worse journey of my life, very uncomfortable, toilets were disguisting and smelly, sitting in front of them I smelled it stench all journey. paid over 600 pesos to sit in such a conditions.

Mariya R.September 26, 2019 | 

Bus was cancelled, I was not notified and there were no Cristobal Colon staff on hand to help. I had to get an OCC bus instead which took over 8 hours due to the different route.

Abbey B.August 29, 2019 | 

Muy bien gracias

Chloé M.July 3, 2019 | 

We almost missed the bus because the "occ terminal Tapachula" from where the bus is leaving is NoT the main one. It would really have helped to put "Cristobal Colon terminal" as it is this one the bus was leaving from ...

Francesco P.April 25, 2019 | 

I spent the whome nigt with water leaking on my head. I will never use that company again

Amelie C.April 8, 2019 | 

The adress of the departure written on the ticket was not the good one. The wrong bus station..

Corinna L.February 14, 2019 | 

Stuff was not friendly and not good to our luggage. In the Bus it was too cold and many things were broken.

James B.January 20, 2019 | 

The bus was 30 mins late but considering the route between Palenque and San Cristobal, I'd be surprised if it could be punctual.

Liv Elfi T.January 19, 2019 | 

Everything was good, except it was very late.

Sabine G.December 1, 2018 | 

More than two hours late at night was really exhausting

Andreu S.November 5, 2018 | 

The bus never came. When we enquired we were told that it rarely appears and we had to buy another ticket with another company

Gary L.August 21, 2018 | 

No good booked the wrong date

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