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Amenities on Tepsa buses

Air Conditioning
Average Seat
XL Seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power Outlets
Hot Meal

Tepsa’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses758
  • Cities64
  • Countries1
  • Routes129

Tepsa Bus classes

  • Tepsa Cama Suite
  • Presidencial
  • Presidencial 40
  • Presidencial
  • Tepsa Suite

Tepsa User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Tepsa

3.5 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (216)

Juliane V.December 22, 2018 | Staff: 3 | 

Stinky bus with some delays but quite friendly staff

Diane C.December 13, 2018 | Staff: 4 | 

Good ride.

Mark G.November 24, 2018 | Staff: 4 | 

Unfortunately all there comentary and instruction were in Spanish and none in in English. Staff had little to no English either but great service other than that, very comfortable seats.

Hency A.November 17, 2018 | Staff: 5 | 

Muy buen servicio

Christian P.November 9, 2018 | Staff: 2 | 

Horrible experience. Will never chose again.

Oleg F.October 29, 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 4 | 

Good, but should be more organized.

Rosa F.October 17, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

No me gustaron los asientos son muy duros

Aila N.October 1, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

The violent and grazy DVDs shouting very loud 5-6 hours during the journey were chance to avoid seeing or hearing them.

Zeynep A.September 24, 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 2 | 

Horrible experience

Nuria F.August 15, 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 2 | 

Primera observación que hacer es que nos venden un billete donde se especifica que el asiento se hace cama completa y al llegar era un sillón reclinable. Por eso decidimos viajar con Tepsa y no con Cruz del Sur. Segundo punto en el billete indican hora de partida 21:45 y al llegar allí nos dicen que hora de salida es 22:45. Calidad-precio me decepcionó tremendamente

Kevin M.July 31, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 2 | 

Was scheduled to leave at 845pm left at 1135pm no apologies no announcements very rude office staff. When the bus arrived it smelled of pee. Awful journey

Ruairi M.July 25, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

I bought a cama suite for a 7.30pm busfor 145 soles. I arrived an hour early but was told to wait for the 8.00pm bus where I was put on a normal seat that would have cost 60 soles

Matthew G.July 23, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

Horrible experience! The bus was over 4 hours late and caused us to miss our connecting flight in Lima.

William P.July 20, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 5 | 

9:20pm was scheduled bus time, didn’t leave until 10:30pm. On way to Cuzco, there was a three hour delay because of snow/ice and Tepsa did not have chains.

Eric S.July 19, 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 4 | 

Paid extra for Tepsa because they offered fully reclining seats, wifi. WiFi stopped working after 10 minutes. Seats were exactly the same as what I would've paid for on another other bus line. Started blasting a movie at 6:30 in the morning, when most people were still asleep. Also, the address for the (Lima) Tepsa station on my ticket was incorrect. Had to pay for an additional taxi, and almost missed the bus. Will not be riding with Tepsa again.

Zackary G.July 18, 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 5 | 

Need a few smoko breaks!

Benedict T.July 15, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 3 | 

An hour delay with incompetent staff on board. We paid for ‘lie-flat’ beds and received no such thing. Hot food was luke warm and the WiFi didn’t work. Wouldn’t choose Tepsa again.

Susan L.July 12, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

I upgraded at the bus station and had great comfort. Bisbid isn't the clearest to get the seats wanted, so check them before you get on the bus

Swati B.June 29, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

Everytjing worked out very well. It waa a smooth journey.

Rocio B.June 22, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

My family and I had a great time. Great service, staff, and time of departure!

Claudia S.June 21, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

No hubo wifi en todo el camino

Anna C.June 10, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 1 | 

My ticket said I would get a hot meal which I did but I was given the hot meal at 8am, three hours before the end of the journey and only given a sweet snack for dinner and had to wait 12 hours for food again which made no sense at all. Also, I asked the staff when we would stop so I could get a snack and they didn’t give me any notice they just told me to get off the bus to buy something and i had to ask them how long it would take and they didn’t offer this to the other passengers who were also probably starving. In addition, the seats were not fully reclyning as advertised and the radiator was way too hot, it was burning my leg! The only good thing i would say is that the bus ride was smoother and quicker than expected.

Jose R.June 8, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 4 | 

The staff on the bus was excellent as they tried to accommodate our needs. Your staff at the station was not accommodating. We asked for vegetarian meals and WiFi. Please remove the offer of WiFi if your buses don’t have it. Poor choice of violent movies for a company who caters to families. There where many small children watching killings. Not exactly a family atmosphere. I’m sure there more then just action killing movies about war and revenge avaible. Thanks for listening. This is just a start.

Sarah S.May 29, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 3 | 

Bus nice. Food crap

Myriam A.May 3, 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | 

A little disappointed. We decided to book that company which was a little more expensive than others because we wanted the wifi and a hot meal. The wifi didn’t work for the 8 hour ride. The “hot meal” was a dry ham sandwich. The breakfast was a bag of crackers. On the bright side, seats were pretty comfy. (But they definetely don’t lay flat as it was mentionned). It wasn’t a terrible bus ride but paying extra for the wifi and the food isn’t worth it.

Elizabeth M.April 30, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

Comfortable seats, nice service including refreshments and a snack. Movie that was playing when I first got on was a bit loud, but noise level was good after it finished.

Jamie P.April 18, 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Best bus I've had in South America, will be using again

Liam R.April 16, 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 5 | 

Mostly the bus was fine, however the seats were described as "lie flat" when we booked through bus bud (the whole reason we chose this bus over any other) - in fact they were only 160 degrees. Also my chair was broken so would not stay in one position but reclined freely whenever Ieaned back. Bus left on time but arrived over an hour late. Food was alright.

Mitch P.April 2, 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

The bus was canceled and we were notified via email only few hours beforehand!

Tzuhung C.March 31, 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 3 | 

1. Delay arrival: scheduled 21:30 but actually arrived at 00:05 2. according to the memo, there'd be hot meal. But there was nothing hot except breakfast bread 3. There was no WI-FI available

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