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Amenities on Tepsa buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Power outlets
Hot Meal

Tepsa’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses927
  • Cities64
  • Countries1
  • Routes132

Tepsa Bus classes

  • 160° Cama Suite
  • 160° Presidencial Cama
  • 145° Presidencial
  • 140° Presidencial
  • 145° Presidencial
  • 160° Suite

Tepsa User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Tepsa

3.5 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (347)

Toke J.12 March 2020 | 

Very pleased!

Jacek S.3 March 2020 | 

Screw dont speak english evan 1,2,3...

David S.21 February 2020 | 

Very comfortable seat! (160 plus footrest) Friendly and helpful staff while ticketing and onboard. Adequate meal. Frankly, don’t care that’s we arrived closer to 6:00am than 5:00am

Tina S.18 February 2020 | 

Our experience with Tepsa was horrible. To start, the bus was 2 hrs late. The bus driver drove 100 down the road and got pulled over by the police , he was also going 80-95 around all the bends on the hill. Trucks coming in the oposit ditection kept honking because our drive was always in the other lane on the high hill. The movies played at a very high volume and when asked by multiple passengers to turn the volume down, he did not. When the movie finished, the opening scene would play over and over for about a half an hour because the guy responsible was talking with the drive. This was not en enjoyable experience.

Osmo L.9 February 2020 | 

Otherwise good but the movies were playing all the time and all the speakers were on. Very annoying for people who don't want to be listening to the movies. Apparently the individual speakers cannot be turned off.

David Richard T.29 January 2020 | 

Nice quality bus and I said conditioning nice open windows very comfortable

Tiffany Z.25 January 2020 | 

Best bus experience I've ever had. Felt like we were flying first class on a flight. Dinner and breakfast were provided as well as a blanket and pillow. So cozy! Clean bathroom. Excellent driver.

Judith P.24 January 2020 | 

Good service, good staff, good seats to sleep in, with food and tv. I recommend this company

Benjamen W.12 January 2020 | 

All good. Very nice bus and staff. We were only late because of heavy rain, could not be helped

Timothy R.9 January 2020 | 

Fantastic busline that even provided a great dinner and breakfast on the overnight bus ride, and had personal entertainment!

Berendina Marieke W.9 January 2020 | 

Staff was nice, bus had enough space but arrived late.

Anna O.3 January 2020 | 

We arrived 8 hours late to Lima, first we didn’t leave until 4hrs late because of a flat tire and then the road was really bad and it took forever to get to Lima. Probably won’t do that trip in a bus again.

Sven B.2 January 2020 | 

Comfortable except for television at high volume till late. Toilet not very clean but what to expect :)

Julie J.31 December 2019 | 

Heat was blasting, very little customer service. The attendant didn’t come by for 8 hours...

Liisa L.4 December 2019 | 

Buen servicio

Cejmer W.1 December 2019 | 

All ok

Adriana A.25 November 2019 | 

Péssimo! Atendimento horrível. Fiquei sem comer pois não havia opções vegetarianas (o que dizia ter no site da companhia), com algumas horas de viagem o papel higiênico do banheiro acabou e não tinha mais pra repor. Banheiro imundo. Lençol pequeno. Não cobria nem uma pessoa pequena. Fomos impedidos diversas vezes de ir ao banheiro. Inadmissível!!! Fomos avisados ao inicio do serviço que o banheiro só poderia ser usado para urinar, qualquer outra coisa, que fosse avisado a equipe, pois bem. Avisamos que necessitávamos ir ao banheiro e fomos impedidos de ir ate nas escalas que o ônibus fez. Tepsa nunca mais!!!

Janita B.3 November 2019 | 

The staff was very unfriendly. The woman in the bus was not smiling at all. The customerservice was very bad. My friend had pain at his stomach and he couldn't use the toilet. She was talking with the bus driver to stop for a bathroom, but she never came back to us and they didn't stop anywhere. Also the entertainment in the bus was very loud because they only have a few televisions. So we must wake up very early.

Sarka V.2 October 2019 | 

Not very comfortable, noisy, movie out loud at midnight wasn't pleasant.

Benjamin T.14 September 2019 | 

The bus seemed to be going at half the speed limit at some points even though it could have gone faster

Diana B.8 September 2019 | 

The only complaint I ha e. Is there was no charger, which was advertised, on the bus. 😠

Noam K.24 August 2019 | 

Very hot in the end, no air

Théo C.22 August 2019 | 

Bus confortable, very good trip

Stepan D.7 August 2019 | 

Very Good

Laura T.6 August 2019 | 

We decided to pay the little bit extra for a more comfortable experience. Overall that is what we got and I would go with Tepsa again. The 145degree chairs were comfortable, big and we had a blanket and pillow. The first half of the trip was however very uncomfortable as it got hotter and hotter, the airvents by my feet blowing very hot air, making me have to pull my legs up. The airconditioning didn’t work so I had to wake up one of the staff who was very helpful in getting the driver to turn the heating down. Second half of the trip was much more comfortable. We arrivef in Abancay 1 hour early, so while I was waiting for breakfast to be served we all of a sudden had to get out abd were habded our slightly warm breakfast consisting of a bun with ham & cheese and 2 small cookies. Overall I expected more, definately for the price (breakfast and drinks for example) but the oversll experience was relatively good.

Erez P.3 August 2019 | 

Great overall besides the delay

Kate B.19 July 2019 | 

bus was a downgrade from cruz del sur- older and less amenities. the worst part was the bus was HOT the entire night and extremely uncomfortable as a result. i had a very difficult time resting. the staff was responsive but it didn’t completely resolve the problem as the baseboard next my window seat was steaming hot.

Ryan M.12 July 2019 | 

Seats very uncomfortable, food not good at all

Maarten R.4 July 2019 | 

Nice company, nice and clean bus. I would recomend to pay a little extra for the 180 degrees seats. We had the 160 seats but is was hard to sleep in. Luckaly we where thired of our flight👍🏻

Catherine W.23 June 2019 | 

We crashed in a tunnel and it was an awful experience. The staff handled it well, but we continued to drive with broken windows and glass all over the floor. We arrived four hours after our scheduled arrival time.

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