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Amenities on Econociva buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Entertainment (No Wifi)
Power outlets

Econociva’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses465
  • Cities92
  • Countries1
  • Routes219

Econociva Bus classes

  • Piso 1
  • Piso 2

Econociva User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Econociva

2.6 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (481)

Yosef Haim H.6 December 2020 | 

We asked the company about the protest that happened few days ago if we can pass and we been told we can, we got to the protest area and got stuck like the other 15 buses of the same company and few of other companies. We had to cancel our flight and walk 40km to pass the blockroads to get the other side of the road and from there getting to Lima. The company didn't said the truth and a lot of people been stuck over of 3 days without food or water. the company just tried to make money without care of people health or security.

Paula M.11 March 2020 | 

The bus was an hour late arriving at Mancora and more than 2 hours late arriving in Lima. There was no air conditioning provided on the bus and no meals were given on board. Though we did stop for breakfast at 9am. But by this time everyone was extremely hungry and tired

Michaela H.28 February 2020 | 

Grundsätzlich besser als erwartet. Jedoch keine Air-condition, sehr lautes Fernsehen, keine Liegesitze. Ca. 2,30h Verspätung. Trotzdem zufriedenstellend.

Maria M.20 January 2020 | 

My bus arrived 1 hour earlier in nazca and then was continuing to lima. They didn't wake me up. I put an alarm and when i woke up i realised we have passed nazca! I had to get of the bus in the middle or nowhere at 4am to find a way to get back to nazca or else i would end up in lima

Stephen R.29 November 2019 | 

There was no clear instructions where to get the bus from. It said estacion waschaq on the tickets but there is no bus station there so I had to book another bus and take it from the main bus terminal. It cost me much more and 3 taxi rides

Ogheneruro U.25 November 2019 | 

Bus was super hot, with no way of cooling it down. The seats were uncomfortable. Won't be using again

Pawn S.5 October 2019 | 

It was fine since heavy traffic in Lima- great ride

Samuel B.26 September 2019 | 

Very late, due to being held up at a police control for an hour. Uncomfortable for someone with long legs. It is the economy option I guess

Rafael J.6 August 2019 | 

Our bus didn’t stop at Arequipa, it dropped us off at La Joya and we had to WALK for 3 hrs to cross two cities and then grab a taxi to Arequipa

Sebastian M.25 July 2019 | 

We still havent arrived to Arequipa, the ride was bumpy and we moved from tour seats by people who were meant to be on an earlier bus. We are stuck outside arequipa with no way into the city as taxis are refusing to take people. To get to the city we had to cross a dangerous area to finally catch a little bus and pay even more money to arrive to the city. Not at all happy with the service - should've at least tried to offer an alternative route as there were a lot of people with children left in a dangerous situation.

Lauren G.24 July 2019 | 

Not recommended

Sergejus T.21 July 2019 | 

So so

Kristi R.12 July 2019 | 

The bus was on time and fairly comfortable for a basic bus. 'Basic' means that there are no WiFi on the board, no possibility to charge your phone, no blanket for the night and no option to switch on and off your personal screen. The bathroom smelled bad at the end, though.

Sydney K.9 July 2019 | 

Smelled terrible and stayed at dinner stop for longer than 30 minutes.

Ashleigh S.9 July 2019 | 

Budget bus - okay for short distances but wouldn’t recommend for a long trip

Jennifer B.7 July 2019 | 

No service. Freezing cold overnight. No blankets offered. Everything on the bus rattled and banged. Had to wait over 2 hours for the bus to arrive.

Nothile N.6 July 2019 | 

Bus was delayed leaving Ica. There was no toilet paper in the toilet. We stopped at one place where there was not much food to buy. Very long trip

Pascalle K.21 June 2019 | 

When buying the ticket it said I would arrive in Lima at 12 at night. I arrived at 3 in the night! We stopped somewhere for over 2 hours so the driver could do a nap. Next time it would be good to change drivers, so the people can get to the place in time.

Shan P.17 June 2019 | 

I was overall satisfied with my trip from Cusco to Lima. Everything was on time which was great, however I assumed we would stop atleast once for food over the 20 hours - which we didn’t. I can’t fault the bus, as it was quite comfortable and we were able to watch movies. When I arrived to Lima, however, one of the CIVA taxi staff approached me. I was happy to take a taxi with him as although my hostel was only a few hundred meters away, I had a very heavy bag. He charged me $30 soles for the trip. My hostel is 1900 hostel, very close to the terminal. I tried to ask for $20 soles but he did not agree. I was very disappointed with the cost of the taxi.

Yair E.16 June 2019 | 

A movie was played in the bus and bothered to sleep

Mairead O.12 June 2019 | 

Would not redeem my ticket

Ben S.10 June 2019 | 

A disaster, worst experience ever

Moises B.6 June 2019 | 

Horrible experience

Alexandra R.13 May 2019 | 

Compared to Cruz del Sur, this company do not even provided snacks even when it is such a long drive

Alexandra R.13 May 2019 | 

For such this long trip [over 24 hours] no food or snacks were provided. The driver did two stops at a local restaurants were they increased the prices because there were people on the bus that aren't local like and my son

Vincent C.11 May 2019 | 

Very late for the start and not made for 6foot people and over.But hey! I made it to arequipa on time

Dima Y.30 April 2019 | 

No air conditioning

Jillian B.30 April 2019 | 

Long but overall a beautiful ride.

Josef G.29 April 2019 | 

Bus way too hot. Sticky air. Movie ran 2 times the same

Laura M.28 April 2019 | 

I loved my trip with Econociva. So far I have travelled through South America with Cata International, Pullman & Cromotex. And Econociva was my favourite. The food was nice, great service by staff, I even got moved to a seat where no one was booked so I had two seats to myself which I really appreciated. The only issue was the departure time changed from 1:30pm to 4:05pm so I was waiting at the bus station for hours, but I understand these things happen. It would also be great if movies on the bus could be played with English subtitles for tourists like myself.

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