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Amenities on Econociva buses

Air Conditioning
XL Seat
Entertainment (No Wifi)

Econociva’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses497
  • Cities88
  • Countries1
  • Routes172

Econociva User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Econociva

2.6 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (355)

Jeremy G.11 January 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

The bus arrived at Lima over two hours late. The description says ‘XL seat’ which I believed to be fully Cama. It was a standard seat.

Siobhan A.11 January 2019 | Staff: 1 | 

DISHONEST COMPANY. Possessions stolen from underneath the bus sometime during transit. Would never ride with them again, not worth the low cost as that money will now have to be spent replacing stolen items.

Anna M.24 December 2018 | Staff: 3 | 

Disappointing. Long delay on arrival felt to be predictable due to road conditions and route. Windows are not air conditioning! Toilet needs maintenance.

Lauren P.11 December 2018 | Staff: 1 | 

The seats did not recline and the window I was sat next to was broken so I was cold most of the night.

Ninn L.1 December 2018 | Staff: 2 | 

The supposed arrival time for Ica was actually for Lima so we missed our stop. Also there was very little leg room and pretty hot. Otherwise ok for a budget company.

Lena R.19 November 2018 | Staff: 2 | 

Too cold, too loud

Alessandra B.14 November 2018 | Staff: 3 | 

Driver should not have driving license. A bit of a sketchy ride as some men on the bus have consistent harassing behavior.

Maksim M.27 October 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

The bus broke in the middle of way and I had to go to Cusco by myself

Levin S.17 October 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 2 | 

2,5 hours delayed

Stephen L.17 October 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 4 | 

Very cheap and relatively comfortable for the price. Journey took longer than timetabled.

Susannah W.24 September 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

It was a roller coaster not a bus. The bus was way too fast. Three hours into the 19 hour trip- the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere and we were stranded for six hours. Nobody could tell us what was wrong and no one could seem to be able to fix it. The toilet was disgusting and dirty.

Peter P.22 September 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 3 | 

It's old bus without AC, Wifi, food. Also they have old uncomfortable seats. For one way for this price is OK, but better way to pay little more and go with SuperCiva, which includes all staff from the top.

Stephanie K.23 August 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

I enjoyed it very much

Kerry S.19 August 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 5 | 

Good, reliable service. The only set back was that the bus trip was very cold, apart from that it was enjoyable.

Alexander W.17 August 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 4 | 

Arrived one hour later. But other than that everything was fine. The staff was helpful and nice

Dylan Y.16 August 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

The bus was over an hour late, every 20 minutes they would tell us it was arriving in 20 minutes. When I told them I was sick and wouldn’t be able to wait for the bus all night, I was denied a refund or itinerary change. Staff seemed miserable.

Lesley H.10 August 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | 

I guess you get what you pay for! Late leaving, only one person on the desk when trying to collect tickets. Do not book seats at the back of the bus as the toilet stinks after a couple of hours. There were two stops where we were forced off the bus to sit in a cafe for over 30 minutes and not allowed back on. We arrived over three hours late! Luckily we weren’t catching a flight. Definitely would not book them again for a long journey.

Victoria F.30 July 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 4 | 

Don’t seat in seat 15. I seemed to be sitting on top of the heater for the entire floor and it was awful. I felt like I was suffocating. Eventually at 1 am I told the driver to turn the heat off because I was so miserable.

Lucy T.17 July 2018 | Staff: 2 | 

Coach smelt bad and was bumpy. The coach was an hour and a half late. Seats incomfortable and the entertainment cut out half way so we just heard background noise for the entire journey

Denise A.9 July 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 4 | 

Beaucoup plus d’arrêts qu’on le pensait et les gens locaux étaient très impatients par moment ce qui était trés désagréable.

Martin S.1 July 2018 | Staff: 2 | 

The bus had 1 hour delay but somehow arrived sooner, which was nice :). Staff was bit unpleasant.

Quincy S.1 July 2018 | Staff: 4 | 

Trip was mostly fine, though we arrived in Arequipa 1hr late. Bus was clean but the bathroom was a bit suspect. Also, they dont stop for any food/or drink (though they do stop repeatedly to pickup passengers on the side of the road...) so stock up on snacks and drinks before the trip.

Millie F.8 June 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

Good budget bus company. No food provided and the seats were okay but you get what you pay for and it was very good value

Robert F.3 June 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 4 | 

The bus was over a half hour late picking up. Then, we waited at another stop longer than was scheduled. Then, the bus broke down for an hour, and the driver wouldn't let anyone off. I understand that mechanical issues happen, but the driver could have opened the door to let people use a clean toilet, stretch their legs, smoke, anything but be locked inside the bus for an hour.

Isobelle B.31 May 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

Woman behind the desk was awful, coach stunk and was so hot. Seats were really uncomfortable. Probably the worst coach ride i’ve ever been on in my life

Maxime C.29 May 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 1 | 

Emergency alarm was on for 2-3 hours, loud movies in spanish only, and arrived 1:30 late to arequipa..

Eliana D.21 May 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 5 | 

O ônibus tinha uma televisão e ela ficou num volume insalubre para os passageiros a noite toda.Pedi para o motorista várias vezes para abaixar mas foi em vão. Minha cadeira está rebaixada no acento não conseguia ficar nela cai qdo relaxava o corpo.

Robbie C.21 May 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

The staff were very unhelpful. I had no idea where their office was in the station and they didn't tell me I had to give my big bag to them, so I had trouble getting on the bus. The bus itself was the worst bus I have ever been on. The windows were either jammed shut or loose/brokrn and couldn't be shut, thus letting all the cold air in. The bus was so cold at night and everyone was rapped up. There was no chance of getting any sleep and it was too cold to do anything.

Joshua B.17 May 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 3 | 

Bus was about an hour late arriving at destination.

Cataliba M.15 May 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

When I got to the bus station they said that mi reservation online that a I maid with bus bud wasnt valid, I had to buy another ticket that cost me 50 soles.

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