Top 5 English-Language Blogs on Spain Travel

When planning a trip, one of the best way to find a country’s hidden gems is by reading other people’s adventures on travel blogs. Expats are often a good resource as they’ve gone through the process of discovering each destination thoroughly and often share their findings. So we’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite English-language blogs about Spain. These collections of smart pieces, wanderlust-worthy photos, and off the beaten path recommendations are the kind of personal insights you can’t find in guidebooks!

Disclaimer: Get ready to disappear from reality for a few hours.

Segovia's Alcazar - Pass the Ham
Segovia’s Alcazar – Pass the Ham

Pass the Ham
If you’re planning to travel around Madrid, you absolutely must check out the hilarious musings of the blogger behind Pass the Ham. Other than providing the number one tip on getting out of an awkward conversation in Spanish, this 30-something expat eloquently shares her love for her new home. For example, did you know the best place on earth to have a picnic is under the lawn at Segovia’s Alcazar? The blog is currently on hiatus following the birth of the author’s child, but we’re betting she’ll be back by the time you’re done going through all her amazing, existing posts!

Art in Soho, Malaga - Mooching Around Spain
Art in Soho, Malaga – Mooching Around Spain

Mooching Around Spain
Written by the witty Annie Bennett, who has been published in Condé Nast Traveller and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, this blog explores her findings around the Iberian Peninsula. From lifestyle articles like Soho, The Malaga neighbourhood being transformed by art, to upcoming news & events like the first hotel in Spain to offer Google Glass to guests, you’ll be on the next plane – or bus – to Spain in no time!

How we build roads - Village Life in Andalucia
How we build roads – Village Life in Andalucia

Village Life in Andalucia
This Englishman’s blog offers a rich insider’s view on life in a small village in the heart of Andalucia and gives in-depth insights on a wide range of local topics, like the way the locals build roadsmango season, or the existence of very rare chameleons. In other words, the kind of stuff you won’t read about in a guidebook!

The world’s largest foodfight: the Tomatina Festival. Pulled from the East of Malaga blog and taken by agsaran
The world’s largest foodfight: the Tomatina Festival – East of Malaga

East of Malaga
This blog boasts useful insights on the ins and outs of Costa Del Sol provided by an expat blogger and writer with a keen eye for striking images. Visit for recommendations on the Malaga Feria, a long weekend in Zaragoza, to get the low-down on cost of living in Spain, or for a glimpse of the world’s largest food fight.

"Where in Spain is this?" asks The Spain Scoop every Friday
“Where in Spain is this?” asks The Spain Scoop every Friday

The Spain Scoop
The Spain Scoop is a lively blog pulling together the invaluable knowledge of not one, but six expert expats (plus collaborators and a dog named Negu, “the Blogdog”). Categorized by region, you’ll find great tips on where to stay, what to do, what to see, and how to not go broke in doing so.

Which blogs would you have added to the list? Did we miss any of your favorites?

Photo Credits: Pass the HamMooching Around SpainVillage Life in AndaluciaEast of Malagaagsaran, and The Spain Scoop