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Berlinas del Fonce

Berlinas del Fonce

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Berlinas del Fonce Phone number: +57 318 3545454

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Amenities on Berlinas del Fonce buses

Air conditioning
Limited legroom
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment

Berlinas del Fonce’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses2,610
  • Cities16
  • Countries1
  • Routes26

Berlinas del Fonce Bus classes

  • Navette G7
  • Navette XL
  • Navette
  • Turquesa

Berlinas del Fonce User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Berlinas del Fonce

4.2 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (129)

Pleuni K.3 February 2020 | 

Nice seats, nice and good driver. I slept all te way

Saar M.28 January 2020 | 

We asked the lady at the front desk if there was going to be a stop for dinner, she said yes. For dinner and for breakfast. I asked her to be sure if we needed to buy food before leaving. She said no need. Unfortunately, there was no stop for dinner

Angel E G.17 December 2019 | 

very cool bus tranks

Anna-maria F.24 November 2019 | 

Very comfortable bus with wifi working the whole journey. Unfortunately it was very cold on the bus, so don't forget to bring warm clothes.

Coral J.2 November 2019 | 

Very comfortable seats with recliner and leg support, helpful staff. No blanket/snacks like on the other night buses I've taken but still recommend

Eesher J.27 September 2019 | 

Overall a good experience for a budget way to travel! Bus was very cold as many people have said so bring a hoody. No paper in toilet for a long journey. Other than that seats were big and comfortable and here was entertainment/screens on board as well as Wi-Fi.

Rachel G.9 September 2019 | 

Very good

Estefany P.12 August 2019 | 

comodo y a tiempo

Rafael B.11 July 2019 | 

bad bathrooms, delay of 3hrs, AC on -200 degrees

Rafael B.7 July 2019 | 

Everything on time, very chilled places, no disturbance whatsoever. Still, it would be even better if the stops would be announced.

Ian P.2 June 2019 | 

It’s really good price 35 dollars to do 700 km Bogota to Cucuta it’s a really good price , don’t be shy do bring big luggage to put under the bus. It’s a top class climatisée bus

Natalia N.29 May 2019 | 

Thought the bus was kept clean and the seats could recline all the way back. The WiFi on board was great to have since I didn’t have a data plan while traveling. The WiFi did lose signal when we were high in the mountains but only for a short time.

Shari B.18 April 2019 | 

There were cockroaches all over the seats. It was horrible. The smell from toilet was nauseating, completely sickening.

Amy T.12 March 2019 | 

Staff was really nice. Though when I walked in with a printed ticket, a receptionist said that apparently someone had already processed the ticket..which made no sense considering I was an hour early to the departure time & they would’ve neeeded to confirm the passport to the ticket. Anyways, another staff came and printed out my ticket and was fine. He even did another explanation for me knowing that I didn’t speak much Spanish. Overall had. A comfortable and safe ride!

Jiri T.6 February 2019 | 

Most comfy bus I've ever taken

David N.29 January 2019 | 

The condition of the bus was pristine. Very comfortable ride with 2 good drivers. The only problem we had was that I thought that we would be arriving at the Terminal in Barranquilla. So consequently we overshot the destination. Our co-driver flagged down a taxi so the day was saved.

Clarissa V.9 January 2019 | 

My only bad comment is that the bus was leaking from the rainfall. Other than that, good company

James G.7 January 2019 | 

It was fine. The bus was comfortable and on-time. The trip was uneventful. I would take it again.

Laurien D.14 October 2018 | 

Was a very luxurious bus with entertainment system, plugins, Wi-Fi and the seats could go in sleeping position. Would recommend it! Only downside was the small collection of English movies compared to Spanish ones, but that's just a minor detail.

Mia L.29 August 2018 | 

Good but cold

Eliana V.21 August 2018 | 

Los buses realmente no son cómodos

Orlando C.12 August 2018 | 

Very good

Charlotte S.30 July 2018 | 

No papel, no jabon frio,y llegamos mas tarde

Rebecca K.15 June 2018 | 

My seat was broken so I couldn't lean back to sleep. My screen was also broken so I couldn't turn it off and so the bright light made it hard to get to sleep. The bus was also very cold.

Marta D.30 March 2018 | 

Nice and friendly staff and very punctual but the bus itself was not the best for nighttime travel..The seats don't recline much so they're a bit uncomfortable to sleep in and neither the power source nor the wifi was working on the bus.

Marie Isabelle Juliette A.26 March 2018 | 

The bus itself was really good (individual screens, very comfortable seats) but the air conditioning during the trip was CRAZY. I've travelled a lot in Colombia by bus and I know there's usually a lot of air conditioning so I tend to bring warm clothes. But this bus was way more than usual. Also a lot of seats couldn't go down so we had to move around to find some which did to be able to sleep. And last thing : we arrived 2 hours late ! Again I'm used to buses in Colombia which are not always exactly on time. But 2 hours is a bit much I'd say. I'd still recommend this bus line because the bus was really nice on itself. Very clean toilets too

Norman L.23 March 2018 | 

Excellent bus, a lot of leg room, TV's for each seat, and wifi that worked for the entire trip.

Kelly K.16 March 2018 | 

It was a nice, but long journey. Thank you.

Olga S.29 November 2017 | 

Wifi worked all the way .. great entertainment on board everyone had their own tv

Kimberley D.12 January 2018 | 

The bus was good, however the toilet flooded and being at the very back of the bus it went all through my bag and nothing was done about it.

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