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Amenities on COOTRA buses

Air Conditioning
Average Seat
XL Seat
Lie-flat Seat or Bed
Wifi + Entertainment
Hot Meal

COOTRA’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses33
  • Cities4
  • Countries2
  • Routes2

COOTRA Bus classes

  • Semi Cama
  • Suite VIP
  • 5 Estrellas
  • Cama Ejec. LCD/Cena/Desayuno
  • Cama Ejecutivo con Cena Fria
  • Semi Cama con Cena Fria
  • Semi Cama - C72
  • Suite
  • Promo Suite
  • Semi Cama con Servicio
  • Cama sin Servicio
  • Ejuctivo sin Auxiliar
  • Cama con Servicio
  • Semi Cama
  • Promo Cama
  • Semi Cama con Servicio
  • Convencional
  • Ejecutivo
  • Cama sin Auxiliar
  • Semi Cama Superior
  • Leito
  • Cama Ejecutivo
  • Promo Semi Cama con Servicio
  • Semica Directo
  • Suite VIP
  • Semi Cama Cena/Desayuno
  • Semi Cama Promocionada
  • Semi Cama Expreso
  • Semi Cama Promo Cena/Desayuno
  • Cama Ejec Indiv LCD/Cena/Desayuno
  • Cama
  • Servicio Suite

COOTRA User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with COOTRA

4.1 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (167)

David M.15 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Very pleasant seats. Little in the way of heating. Delays caused by border control.

Yangsi O.14 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Good service. On time, comfortable

Dianna W.12 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Company was fine- delays were due to passengers and issues at the border. Driver was very safe

Ting-rung W.10 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

very good

Elizabeth H.8 April 2019 | Staff: 1 | 

Confusing ticket system. COOTRA outsourced to Zaajh without letting us know beforehand. This made us have to change the check in procedure.

Jessica N.8 April 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Bus was comfortable

Samantha A.8 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Great bus experience

Michael M.5 April 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

Bus drove 1.5hrs to border crossing only to find that crossing was closed. Had to drive back and find a different crossing. If this is a regular occurrence then they should ring ahead and confirm the crossing is open.

Alan A.1 April 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

The upper level was very stuffy and the windows were fogged up the entire time.

Svitlana L.1 April 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Just great service

Elyse M.27 March 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

The bus waited for a couple who was late. The bus was going very slowly. My foot rest was broken. The bathroom did not have toilet paper.

Daniel S.26 March 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

No paper on toilet

Jessica F.19 March 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

The bus driver needed a luggage assistant for the customs check point. Customs took longer because all luggage was removed. The bus driver almost left passengers behind that were using the restroom. No beverage or snack was provided like Bus Sur for this long 6hr ride. Bus arrived late to Puerto Natales.

Shane L.18 March 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Very efficient

Diane M.14 March 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Everything was fine. We just lost a bit of time a the border

Yu-ling T.12 March 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Th driver is really nice!

Brian B.9 March 2019 | Staff: 2 | 

When checking in would not accept online ticket. Had get on Wi-Fi to email the ticket to the agent so that she could print it off and then charged for the printing. In this day and age we should be a little more technically advanced

Edward H.5 March 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Everything went well. The border crossing took longer than expected.

Simon P.3 March 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Friendly staff and clean bus.

Malik I.1 March 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Good service. Good, not perfect, but good bus. Everything was in time. It looks the evening service is not that popular: there only 3 passengers but that had some good side such as quicker border control and more space.

Read C.28 February 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

It was very warm in the salon Cama area. Quite a bit uncomfortable

Amanda R.27 February 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

A great price for the bus, and the driver was great, very courteous and helped get us through border security as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Arnoldus D.26 February 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Bus was super, but information on checkin could better

Henrik H.23 February 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

Too late. Impossible to make plans accordingly

Dean S.23 February 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

All good, the slight delay is to be expected. Very hard to provide exact times when crossing borders

Rinnie V.21 February 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Comfortabele bus. Good driver

Jesmyne G.16 February 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

We got held up a lot in border control as there were many buses passing through which is not the fault of the drivers. The toilet however had no paper from the start of the trip and was very gross by the end. There is no opportunity to buy food and drinks along the way so it’d be good to prepare people for that ahead of time, especially if the duration is going to blow out due to circumstances such as ours

Jose Miguel F.14 February 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

Our bus was very old and broke down half way through the trip. Also, we were not given any prior information about the border crossing. And the ventilation system was inneficient, and the bus got very stinky

Fereidoun Fred R.12 February 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

every thing was fine, even the late departure. my seat was dirty with left-over food and crumbs.

Diane S.9 February 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

We were not well informed about the length of trip and the slow border crossing

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