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🆕 Since May 2019, Eurolines has been bought by Flixbus. Eurolines coaches will progressively join Flixbus' network all over Europe.

Created in 1985, the Brand name Eurolines groups 29 independent coach companies operating together Europe's largest regular coach network. This network connects over 1000 destinations, covering the whole of the continent, including Morocco.for you.

Eurolines coaches offer some of the best services in the UK and Europe. All of their vehicles are equipped with free WiFi, charging points at every seat, A/C and an on board toilet.

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Eurolines Destinations

The Eurolines network covers 28 countries ! Eurolines offers more than 500 000 bus routes, so whether you'll be visiting a famous European capital, commuting, visiting friends or on a quick weekend getaway, Eurolines will have a bus for you.

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Booking your Eurolines Ticket Online

With Busbud, it is very easy to book a Eurolines ticket: you simply need to fill in the details of your trip in our search bar (dates of travel, departure and arrival cities, numbers of passengers) and click on Search now. Then, select the Eurolines bus that suits you best and securely complete your booking on Busbud.

We recommend that you book your ticket at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance, as ticket prices tend to raise when the travel date gets closer.

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Eurolines Discounts and Promotions

Occasionally, Eurolines offers discounts and promotional to travelers. All of Eurolines' discounts and promotions are integrated into Busbud's search results. Be sure to take advantage of all Eurolines' promotions by booking your bus ticket on Busbud.

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Eurolines’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses116,898
  • Cities859
  • Countries33
  • Routes79,161

Eurolines User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Eurolines

3.3 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (5173)

Susan M.12 January 2020 | 

Comfy and smoothride. Driver(s) only spoke Portuguese!

Dominique F.13 December 2019 | 

They took the booking, took the money and we waited 2 hours for NO bus to turn up. We had to take a hotel for the night Disgraceful

Mark A.10 December 2019 | 

The bus was late on arrival from departing city, late departing, and late on arrival.. Throughout the trip the seats were malfunctioning, no trash receptacles, constant abrupt braking, and generally not a smooth bus ride. All in all, it gets a 3/5. Not great, and not the worst thing ever. Tl:dr it got us from A to B, and nothing else good to say.

Bianca A.4 December 2019 | 

The bus is a little old and the seats are very uncomfortable. The bathroom is so tiny as well.

Wing Yan Joanna K.2 December 2019 | 

USB ports for charging missing on several seats.

Carole N.28 November 2019 | 

good company with excellent drivers

Maurice L.25 November 2019 | 

I was happy with the drive he arrive in time in london

Mohamad M.24 November 2019 | 

Very good service and a proper waiting area at Brussels Nord station especially during this cold weather.

Joy O.24 November 2019 | 

Very efficient nice to use comfortable and safe drivers

Carole N.24 November 2019 | 

very good service

Savita S.23 November 2019 | 

We lost our phone in bus and the emergency helpline person was mis-guiding us. She asked us to visit the Eurozone office which was permanently closed from October. Also she lied to us. Nobody helped us as expected and we didn't found our mobile phone. More imp is data and SIM in that phone but we lost everything. On the back of phone there was debit card also we lost.

Anliya A.17 November 2019 | 

Longest trip ever. Left London at 22:30 arrive in France at 10:30 and someone stole my 90 pound headphones in the bus

Ecrame O.16 November 2019 | 

The staff was very pleasant and we left on time and arrived on time but unfortunately the bus was extremely smelly. It smelt of urine which spoiled the journey.

Lily M.14 November 2019 | 

I fell so good on the journey. It was a woderful service. Ones again i want to thanks for being on time.

Elena Diana T.13 November 2019 | 

Overall it was very good

Odile E.9 November 2019 | 

What a bad journey no wifi in the bus, nice driver but could not speak english or French, missed the boat at Calais and arrived In London more than 2 hours late than the estimated time I should have a compensation.

Jeneba C.8 November 2019 | 

Very comfortable

Renata K.3 November 2019 | 

Good, reliable, professional

Richard L.1 November 2019 | 

The journey was fine overall. My main gripes were that I was quite hot at the start and none of the charging sockets worked.

Kine D.29 October 2019 | 

My bus arrived late to Paris, I was supppsed to arrive at 5pm but instead arrived at 6.45pm. By that time my connecting bus to Strasbourg already left (it was at 6pm). When I went to customer service to ask for assistance, one staff member whose name was David treated me horrible and kinda joked about my situation (When I explained that I needed to be in Strasbourg soon due to family emergency he said "what do you want me to do? Take my car and drive you there?" I was very shocked that someone could be this mean. He sent me to his manager Damien who was very helpful and told me that the next bus was in 4 hours. So I had to wait at the station for the next bus to Strasbourg. No compensation, refund or apology given. This was the worst trip/service ever.

Uthai P.29 October 2019 | 

Euroline should set the waiting room for customer, becouse it very cool in the night time.

Olga P.28 October 2019 | 

The driver was not friendly, But the salon was clean and I liked comfortable chairs!

Iftikhar A.28 October 2019 | 

Very well service but one hour and twenty minutes late arive in paris

Shashank K.27 October 2019 | 

Pathetic Service.

Razala K.27 October 2019 | 

The driver didn’t communicate on why the bus wasn’t moving. We were not told what happened at all. The bus couldn’t start n let us stay on without informing us.!even when the driver manage to get it started we were not told anything or any apology.

Leah P.27 October 2019 | 

No comment. Well done

Enzo C.26 October 2019 | 

quite unsatisfactory experience. The women from the check-in insulted and treat us almost like animals...

Nicolette M.26 October 2019 | 

Will recommend to others

Rosemary Lauren C.25 October 2019 | 

We were not happy as the driver side not communicate to us on board to explain facilities or arrival time. There was also a lot of noise on board. People talking really loud and even screaming on the phone. Was a market place.

Levente S.24 October 2019 | 

Good but a bit chaotic. I dont understand why isnt enough to show the ticket on the phone and why printing needed.

Eurolines FAQ

Is there WiFi on Eurolines?

Yes, WiFi is available on all Eurolines coaches and is free!

How can I exchange or cancel and refund my Eurolines coach ticket?

Tickets can be exchanged or canceled and refunded in a Eurolines agency or by phone until 6 hours before departure . The Eurolines phone number is located on your ticket.

Do I need to print my Eurolines ticket?

Yes, you need to print your Eurolines tickets on an A4 white paper (no duplex printing) and present it to a Eurolines agent prior to boarding. You also need a valid photo ID in order to board the coach.

Are there plugs or electrical outlets on Eurolines coaches?

Yes, plugs sockets or USB ports are available on all Eurolines coaches. No need to worry about your battery life during your bus trip!

Does Eurolines have a toilet on board?

Yes, there is a toilet on every Eurolines coach. We also recommend that you bring hand sanitizer, as most buses don't have running water.

Can I bring my bicycle or sports equipment on Eurolines coaches?

Unfortunarely, oversized luggage such as bicycles, sports equipment and musical instruments are not allowed on Eurolines coaches.

Does Eurolines allow pets on board?

No, you may not bring your furry friend with you during your bus trip. Only Assistance Dogs are allowed on Eurolines coaches. ‏‏‎

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