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About National Express buses

National Express originally created by the Transport Act in 1968, NX is a publicly traded multinational transportation company that is based in the United Kingdom and operates across Europe.

  • Operates bus, coach, train and tram services in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany and Morocco and long-distance coach services across Europe.
  • Runs the largest scheduled national coach network in the UK.
  • 921 million journeys made a year with over 29,000 vehicles in their fleet.

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Photos of National Express buses

National Express coach at Gatwick Airport (busbud staff photo)
National Express coach at Gatwick Airport (busbud staff photo)

Amenities on National Express buses

Air Conditioning
Average Seat
XL Seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power Outlets

National Express’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses58,210
  • Cities1,266
  • Countries11
  • Routes33,735

National Express Bus classes

  • Economy

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National Express User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with National Express

4.2 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (7176)

Niels V.20 September 2018 | 

The bus never left. Therefore, we missed our ferry. We had to make alternative travel plans resulting in high additional costs. Terrible experience.

Chiharu S.20 September 2018 | Timeliness: 2 | Staff: 4 | 

The bus was delayed and driving was very slow, which resulted in arriving at Bristol very late..

Anna Cecilia Maria J.20 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Very comfortable coach, helpful staff, extremely punctual.

Joginder Singh J.19 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Very reliable

Gerlind S.19 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 3 | 

Comfortable and efficient

Aleksejus C.19 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

All was perfect

Robert A.19 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 4 | 

Crappy buses for overnight long distance.

Khloe K.19 September 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

Worst experience ever. An hour late which meant we missed our connecting coach, so have been sat in Exeter by the side of the road for over 4 hours now! Not even an apology from the staff.

Gemma B.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 3 | 

Overall a fairly comfortable journey. Bus was clean and well air conditioned. Driver however, came very close to running through several red lights as we got in to London and as a result we were very nearly in a serious accident. Driver had to brake hard coming through a light to avoid another car crossing through. However our return journey was more pleasant and the return driver was very friendly and very polite upon entering the bus. We definitely felt the return journey made by the driver was smoother than it was on arrival.

Sigrid P.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 5 | 

The bus did not come at the appointed time, but a substitute bus was provided an we reached London on time.

Noshin F.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Perfect clean comfy and lovely driver. Good price 😊

Anne R.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 4 | 

Very comfortable seats. The seat belts seemed a bit too tight.

Jayne R.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Friendly drivers, easy to book online. Great comfort, on time (earlier more often than not) perfect and brilliant prices. Thank you

Bolutife T.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 3 | 

It was a good journey. Just bring a pillow and snacks for a long journey

Jessica F.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 2 | 

The bus was an hour and 45 minutes late and it caused me to miss my flight

Pawan P.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Amazing happy to travel in national express

Sepideh A.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 1 | 

The second driver who switched was extremely rude and unhelpful. I just asked a simple question and he responded very rudely. I understand that he’s on a time schedule but it’s no excuse for being short and rude with people.

Stephen A.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

The bus didn't come until 50 minutes later. No updates from the staffs they not helpful at all.

Derinda P.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Brilliant timing, lovely driver he couldn’t have been anyone pleasant for fact it was his first time doing the new route.

Laura H.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Please could you take care of the toilets better, otherwise a very pleasent experience!

Msrk S.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

It is clean and mice inside and a good trip

Ajay Kant J.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 4 | 

Very good. I will use the services again in future

Jackie G.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 5 | 

Excellent staff and coach but arrived back at Bristol Bus Station 10 minutes late so missed my bus home.

Akila K.18 September 2018 | Timeliness: 3 | Staff: 3 | 

World class - very good and comfortable to travel in.

Bojan D.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Very good

Trevor D.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Very professional and friendly

Mayowa D.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 4 | 

Great trip as always!

Barbara H.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 4 | Staff: 5 | 

Very good

Reece W.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 1 | Staff: 1 | 

Arrived at bus station 1 hour late arrived at exeter after 2 hour bus drive

Lorna L.17 September 2018 | Timeliness: 5 | Staff: 5 | 

Fantastic service as always

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