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Daibus-Interbus Phone number: +34902277999

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Amenities on Daibus-Interbus buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power outlets

Daibus-Interbus’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses1,790
  • Cities167
  • Countries3
  • Routes789

Daibus-Interbus Bus classes

  • Premium
  • Normal
  • Supra+
  • Eurobus
  • Supra Economy

Daibus-Interbus User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Daibus-Interbus

3.8 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (2095)

Margaret Ann H.15 July 2019 | 

Never book seats 7 and 8. There is no space

Alyse K.26 June 2019 | 

Comfortable with aircon and entertainment

Anne K.16 June 2019 | 

The second driver who took over sfter our stop was constantly on his mobile phone texting. This is a driving offence and absolutely unacceptable.

Filip S.10 June 2019 | 

Positive feedback

Sean M.8 June 2019 | 

Not a problem, even a personal TV on board with films etc and a charger for my phone

Dave K.4 June 2019 | 

Very smooth right the the process of booking and travelling. A wonderful start to a fantastic weekend and result for Liverpool FC

Timothy U.4 June 2019 | 

Great value and punctual

Liam H.3 June 2019 | 

Great service, comfortable seats and smooth drive. Only negative was wi-if didn’t work

Andrew O.2 June 2019 | 

Toilet was completely blocked and overflowing

Sarah L.2 June 2019 | 

Excellent service, clean and comfy with refreshments breaks and complimentary water, well done 👍

Monica M.2 June 2019 | 

Very quiet ,relaxing journey

Glenn D.1 June 2019 | 

I last took a long bus journey in the early ‘90 in England and had visions of the same experience. The facilities on the bus was a pleasant surprise. Boarding the bus was problematic and me and my party were held outside, because of a language barrier explication as to why we could not board. Eventually they worked out that we had legitimate tickets and we boarded. This was the reason why the bus was late leaving.

Charles B.1 June 2019 | 

Was shocking stopped twice and toilet overflowed, would not recommend

Amanda W.24 May 2019 | 

I don't know how late exactly, I didn't check. People were using marijuana on the bus and the smell was very strong and made me feel sick. My neighbour asked the driver to check and he said no-one was smoking and didn't believe me about the smell. I don't understand the need to put on lights at 2am when people are sleeping.

Raul S.21 May 2019 | 

I have great travel experience riding the bus

Claire M.12 May 2019 | 

All okay except wi fi did not work and my intention was to do on the bus

Okonkwo E.7 May 2019 | 

Charging appliance is not working, and the toilet is uncomfortable

Brian K.6 May 2019 | 

Good bus, good price. 2 stops on the way back for toilets and for food

Shahriar S.6 May 2019 | 

We prefer to have free internet access

Wah Hsin Y.2 May 2019 | 

Last row is super narrow and even sold a seat in the middle! It's really dangerous. And the driver stopped on the midway over half a hour(so arrived lately I guess) and kept customers await in the heating weather.

Elyas D.2 May 2019 | 

The bus was old and the chairs were so close to each other my knees kept hurting me all the way as there was no space for my legs, they were hitting the next chair

David I.22 April 2019 | 

Drivers were very good but Easter Sunday traffic caused delay

Isabela L.20 April 2019 | 

Good service. Lack of toilet on board was a real struggle. Had some concerns for the windscreen that had several giant cracks on it. The bus driver could’ve played their music quieter. Tray tables weren’t very clean and their dirtiness contributed to my car sickness

Sara M.19 April 2019 | 

We left Madrid late. And people brought more than one bag so it was so stressful making sure bags were on the bus. Secondly, everyone was pushing and shoving to get on the bus and it was getting too overwhelming. The bus ride was fine but the people were too loud and inconsiderate.

Neil M.18 April 2019 | 

The bus was not up to the standard of usual buses for this type of journey. There wasn't any toilet and we only had one stop midway for a journey that took 9 hours! There was no tv's, usb's or plugs for power. Too basic a bus for such a long journey!

Jessica Maria S.18 April 2019 | 

So disorganized! There was so much chaos and the bus driver was clearly overwhelmed. Strongly recommend staff be trained on how to handle situations with escalated clients. There are no USB outlets, TV with no movie and the seats are uncomfortable.

Birgit S.18 April 2019 | 

The 3 breaks were too long

Johanna C.13 April 2019 | 

Arrived early, but was super hot, had no toilet and the bus driver played music most of the night. For an overnight bus, some of us would like to sleep!

Chris L.12 April 2019 | 

Great trip, no complaints. Thanks

Marwa O.12 April 2019 | 

Not comfortable at all !!

Daibus-Interbus FAQ

Is there WiFi on Daibus-Interbus?

No, WiFi isn't available on Daibus-Interbus buses. Download your favourite films, TV programmes and audiobooks or bring a good book and listen to some music to fully enjoy your bus ride! You can also use this time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Are there power outlets or USB plugs on Daibus-Interbus?

No, there aren't any power outlets or USB plugs on Daibus-Interbus. We recommend bringing a battery pack to make sure you won't run out of battery, or bring a good book and stay entertained throughout your bus ride!

Does Daibus-Interbus have a toilet on board?

No, Daibus-Interbus generally doesn't have a toilet on board. No worries, the bus will make bathroom and rest stops during your bus trip. You will be able to stretch your legs, using the toilet and get some snacks during the stops.

Does Daibus-Interbus offer meals or snacks during the bus trip?

Daibus-Interbus doesn't offer any meals or snacks on board. We recommend you bring some snacks and drinks in a reusable water bottle for your bus trip.

Do you have to print your Daibus-Interbus bus ticket?

No, no need to print your Daibus-Interbus ticket! Simply show your e-ticket on your smartphone along with a valid photo ID to board the bus. Your e-ticket will be emailed to you when you book on Busbud.

Does Daibus-Interbus allow pets on board or in the hold of the bus?

Only Certified Service animals are allowed on Daibus-Interbus buses. Pets are not allowed on the bus or in the hold of the bus.

What are the amenities on Daibus-Interbus buses?

When travelling with Daibus-Interbus, you will be able to enjoy Standard seat. Daibus-Interbus will offer you a reliable, safe and comfortable bus trip!

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Busbud is a bus search tool - we include Daibus-Interbus routes, schedules and prices in our searches along with many other bus companies. You can compare prices, amenities and times by searching for a route. If you find a suitable trip, you can go ahead and get your Daibus-Interbus ticket from us. Note that buses sell out, Daibus-Interbus and other operators generally charge a lot more for last minute tickets or for tickets bought in person.

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