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El Rápido Internacional

El Rápido Internacional

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El Rápido Internacional Phone number: 0810 333 6285

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Amenities on El Rápido Internacional buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment

El Rápido Internacional’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses978
  • Cities223
  • Countries3
  • Routes1,251

El Rápido Internacional Bus classes

  • Semi Cama
  • Comun Con Aire
  • Semi Cama

El Rápido Internacional User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with El Rápido Internacional

3.0 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (128)

Lisa R.7 January 2019 | 

Nice bus and friendly staff. We did not get the seats we booked online, and therefore did not sit together. Very weird. Also the guys helping with luggage kept asking for tips. We have not experienced that before with other bus companies in South America.

Oscar M.27 November 2018 | 

I paid more for WiFi and didn’t get it, staff was a little unfriendly

Julie Lie T.24 May 2018 | 

No toilet paper, only hot water and not the highest standard and cleanliness, but they provided us with coffee and tea twice and had a heater for most of the trip

Francois B.1 May 2018 | 

Their luggage crew tried to overcharge us for luggage mentioning we needed to tip - a standard in Argentina. However, they kept asking for more because we are foreign, locals confirmed it later. Also, the bus did more than 15 stops and dropoffs and we had to change bus at the begining.

Thierry S.27 April 2018 | 

The bus never came. I had to take another bus. Then the bus had an issue, had to wait for another bus. We arrived 3h30 late. I want a refund for this trip

Oliver T.14 March 2018 | 

My experience was poor. The bus was an hour and a half late. I sat by the screens in Buenos Aires terminal from about 2:30 with my eyes on the screen waiting for the bus. By about 4:15 I was getting a little frustrated as no one at near the bus waiting area could give me any information only to wait, so I went to el rápido to ask what was going on. I was told the bus should arrive in 15 minutes or so. With this time I decided to go to the toilet as I had been waiting for the bus to arrive to do so and get some cash. After going back to the terminal and waiting another half hour I learned that the bus had been and gone without me in the 10 minutes that I was away. I didn’t see any mention of it’s arrival on the tv screens display departures. So unbelievably frustrating. I then had to purchase another ticket and am waiting to see if I can get a refund.

Rachel D.26 January 2017 | 

Staff demanded tips, crossing into chile took hours.

Brittany J.4 February 2017 | 

Bus was 2 hours late. Not waterproof-everything including us got wet. They blared the television until 11pm. Worst bus in South America after 4 months and 6 countries.

Roger Ellwood F.12 February 2017 | 

If only time at the order could be shorter!

Richard K.6 February 2017 | 

Timelines was poor due to the delays at the Argentina/Chile border. As such, we were 3 hours behind schedule.

Duncan H.2 February 2017 | 

The bus was fine but the delay at customs was over two hours which was not the bus company fault.

Sheila E.6 February 2017 | 

Excellent thinking by staff to take a deviation to avoid a problem on the road so we were not late

Ann H.28 February 2017 | 

Would be good to know how much time was available at each stop to go to the toilet or buy a coffee.

Ann H.2 March 2017 | 

Great service. Staff very efficient and friendly

Peter A.7 March 2017 | 

Bus left Buenos Aires on time, but arrived 2hours later than posted on the ticket.

HANNAH B.2 March 2017 | 

Awful bus, dirty. Too cold and didn't stop once so we could stretch our legs in the entire 15 hours.

Meagan M.2 March 2017 | 

Tv too loud for those close to it. Should state the arrival time to Chile at least 2 hours later due to delays at the border.

Mikael R.7 May 2017 | 

The bus was cancelled just before departure.

Daniel T.13 May 2017 | 

Late departing. Tv audio didn't work. Refreshments was dulce de leche in the morning. Minimal.

Amy K.19 May 2017 | 

The bus broke down leaving us stranded.

Maxime D.1 October 2017 | 

The bus we got had an issue with the air conditioning, it got stuck on the coolest setting and the staff couldn't stop it. What was originally planned as a 16.5 hour trip from Buenos Aires to Mendoza took us 19 hours in the coldest bus I've ever been in. The staff gave us instant coffee sachets twice to try beat the cold but overall, not a very nice experience...

Olga R.2 October 2017 | 

We were 3 hours delayed, yet were never told about this delay beforehand. This I think is unacceptable! The bus also stank, it needed airing out and a serious clean!

Aaron O.9 October 2017 | 

No food for a 18 hour ride but no real complaints

Sabrina K.10 October 2017 | 

Very basic bus for the price. No chargers, no screens, no wifi (which was included in amenities when I booked). And 1.5 hours late (weird for an overnight bus). Toilet smelt bad too.

Prakash S.17 November 2017 | 

Trip operated by Andesemar. No air-conditioning and refreshments. Arrived Buenos Aires two and a half hour late.

Lauren O.3 December 2017 | 

It began rainine quite heavily during the trip and the bus began leaking water directly onto our seats for 2/3 hours

Lubos K.21 December 2017 | 

No service; for Water which is in summer time important. Breakfast very pure!!!!

Iain M.28 December 2017 | 

Wel waited 30 minutes past the time on our tickets and then waited another 55 minutes in a queue to ask what was happening to be told the company had gone bust.

Robert S.2 January 2018 | 

The bus broke down for hours and the journey took as almost 22 hours.. not much communication and no apology from the driver. The worst bus service I've had in 3 months in South America!

Gillian M.16 November 2016 | 

The bus arrived in Santiago over 3 hours late

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