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Autobus Galland

Autobus Galland

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Autobus Galland Phone number: +14506878666

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Amenities on Autobus Galland buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat

Autobus Galland’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses170
  • Cities33
  • Countries1
  • Routes231

Autobus Galland User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Autobus Galland

4.3 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (1896)

Gerald T.19 January 2021 | 

Driver superb.

Jennifer Marina M.28 December 2020 | 

The bus driver was pretty gentle.

Eman A.28 December 2020 | 

The driver was the nicest

Nicolas G.14 December 2020 | 

Really nice driver!

Jade D.6 December 2020 | 

very good

Sylvie N.2 November 2020 | 

Fabulous driver more than willing to give information, smooth ride, very comfortable seats, the best, highly recommend.

Ahmed I.12 October 2020 | 

Good experience

Yolande B.10 October 2020 | 

Very Good

Ken C.9 October 2020 | 

All went well. No problems. Thanks!

Ana G.24 September 2020 | 

We had a comfortable ride. Bus driver was helpful.

Pablo C.19 September 2020 | 

Was cozy and I felt safe considering the state of the pandemic, but I was worried I had missed the bus because there was no alert notifying me that the bus was running late.

Ashely S.11 September 2020 | 

The bus company never showed up at the meeting spot and their offices were closed so no one answered the phone.

Nicolas L.1 September 2020 | 

Driver drove well and was amiable. Bus was clean and comfortable

Efe H.1 September 2020 | 

It's great but it stops way too much in between

Eliana C.30 August 2020 | 

Chauffeur tres agréable, voyage très satisfaisant

Pascale P.28 August 2020 | 

je crois qu’un itinéraire différent serait idéal passer 40 min a sortir de montreal est un peu ridicule selon moi.

Laly G.27 August 2020 | 

Friendly and professional driver. Driving was safe. Clean bus. Thanks.

Francisco Diego P.24 August 2020 | 

Nice experience

Karen W.19 March 2020 | 

Great service

Egan E.16 March 2020 | 

Overall the service was very good

Isabel M.9 March 2020 | 

I gave a poor review because, even though I was sitting right in front of the gate 20 minutes early for the bus, and even saw it standing there waiting for people to board for that whole time, when it was time to board, I heard and saw nothing. I saw nobody board the bus. Nobody called us to get onto the bus. There were two gates right beside each other, where several people were waiting. It was impossible for me to tell who was waiting for which bus because there were not two clear lines, just a gathering of people clustered around the two side-by-side gates. There was nobody at departure time saying 'all aboard' or something like that. One minute I am looking at the clock and it is 7:09 (the departure time was 7:10) and nobody is getting on the bus, even though there are several people waiting. I assume that it is not ready to board for some reason, so do not think anything of it. I must have not been looking at the gate at the precise time that the bus left, because when I looked at the clock again, it was 7:15, and the bus had left without me! I was so upset. Perhaps it was nobody's fault... I don't know. But I am used to some indication that it is time to board and that the bus is about to leave. It was really strange and I was quite devastated to miss the bus. I have never missed a bus in my life. Please have your people say "All Aboard"! In English or French. It doesn't matter. Both languages are fine.

George G.6 March 2020 | 

Great trip!

Dimitri T.18 February 2020 | 

Really good travel to Tremblant with Galland

Johanna P.17 February 2020 | 

Really good. We left a little bit late but were on time anyways. There was however a confusion with the pick up location. But all was fine in the end. I was very satisfied.

Amaar M.17 February 2020 | 

Friendly driver, comfy bus, drop off right in front of ski resort.. very good timings

Milan K.16 February 2020 | 

I lost bus because it left erlie

Samantha K.11 February 2020 | 

Very good trip - would take this service again

Diego C.10 February 2020 | 

Super nice personel and everything was on time

Inès L.10 February 2020 | 

Bad conditions on the road due to the snowstorm but the driver was very nice and competent

Alyssa R.10 February 2020 | 

When I asked if the driver could retrieve my bag at a hang luggage only stop, I was treated with such disrespect that I couldn’t even believe it was happening. When I tried to explain, he told me he would help me if I spoke to him in French even though it was clear it was not my strong language. When I did so, he repeated himself about not being able to open the bottom of the bus and started to drive. I understand completely that those are the bus policies but I was extremely surprised that staff would try to embarrass me intentionally by causing a scene when he could have just explained politely. I am seriously distressed by this incident. Alyssa Roy

Autobus Galland FAQ

Is there WiFi on Autobus Galland?

No, WiFi isn't available on Autobus Galland buses. Download your favourite films, TV programmes and audiobooks or bring a good book and listen to some music to fully enjoy your bus ride! You can also use this time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Are there power outlets or USB plugs on Autobus Galland?

No, there aren't any power outlets or USB plugs on Autobus Galland. We recommend bringing a battery pack to make sure you won't run out of battery, or bring a good book and stay entertained throughout your bus ride!

Does Autobus Galland have a toilet on board?

Yes, there is a toilet on Autobus Galland. The toilet is located at the back of the bus or near the middle. We recommend bringing hand sanitiser because most buses don't have running water. It is best to hold on to the rails when using the toilet in a moving bus.

Does Autobus Galland offer meals or snacks during the bus trip?

Autobus Galland doesn't offer any meals or snacks on board. We recommend you bring some snacks and drinks in a reusable water bottle for your bus trip.

Do you have to print your Autobus Galland bus ticket?

No, you don't need to print your Autobus Galland ticket! You can board the bus by showing your ticket on your smartphone along with a valid photo ID. Your e-ticket will be sent to you by email right after booking on Busbud.

Does Autobus Galland allow pets on board or in the hold of the bus?

Only Certified Service animals are allowed on Autobus Galland buses. Unfortunately, your beloved pets are not allowed on the bus or in the hold of the bus.

What are the amenities on Autobus Galland buses?

Autobus Galland offers you a safe, reliable and comfortable bus journey. You will be able to enjoy Air conditioning, Standard seat, Toilet when travelling by bus with Autobus Galland.

Autobus Galland Popular Routes, Destinations and Stations

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