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Amenities on Copetran buses

Air conditioning
Limited legroom
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment

Copetran’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses7,170
  • Cities78
  • Countries1
  • Routes350

Copetran Bus classes

  • Navette G7
  • Navette XL
  • Navette
  • Turquesa

Copetran User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Copetran

3.0 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (721)

Joel J.11 December 2020 | 

When i showed for a bus at a time when there was none, they put me on the next one out, which was nice.

Lynne B.15 March 2020 | 

Comfortable bus

Kieran J.15 March 2020 | 

2 hours Late and terrible

Simen O.10 March 2020 | 

Too late and we spent almost 8 hours of traveling instead of 4.5. Awful lot of small stops as well which really slowed the bus down.

Lauren G.6 March 2020 | 

Terrible driver

Maria Trinidad R.27 February 2020 | 

Great company

Paul S.25 February 2020 | 

The airconditioner was leaking water on my head on the back seat

Megen B.25 February 2020 | 

It was much better than I expected. The office staff (phone) were not very friendly or particularly helpful, but the driver and other employees were courteous and professional.

Grainne M.6 February 2020 | 

AWFUL! supposed to leave at 4 and arrive at 8. We left at 6.30 and arrived at 12.10am. Bus made NUMEROUS local stops. Terrible service

Stephan H.5 February 2020 | 

Good and reliable company! 2 hours to early!

Chien Yie C.5 February 2020 | 

It was very cold in the bus. We asked a few times to increase the temperature, but they did not want to or they did not understand us.

Marte L.31 January 2020 | 

The bus was 2 hours late. The personnel told me there was a protest but when asking people who were already in the bus what was going on, they said it was just delayed and that it usually is that way. The chairs were comfortable but the air-conditioning was too cold. I got a cold because of it.

Aileen R.30 January 2020 | 

Good driver. Cold aircon.

Julien B.21 January 2020 | 

2h hours late, no excuses norhing. The driver left us in the middle of nowhere in barranquilla instead of the bus station because we were "only 2" going there. It's a shame.

Michael M.16 January 2020 | 

Best bus in Colombia, footrests, recline, private TVs the doble plus is the only way to travel in Colombia

Caroline S.16 January 2020 | 

The bus was an hour late at Santa Marta. The air conditioning was on very high and I asked the bus driver to turn it down, but he refused. Everyone on the bus was freezing. He also turned the music on very loud while people were trying to sleep. We arrived 2.5 hrs late. I will not be using this bus ever again.

Suzanne W.8 January 2020 | 

The bus we booked did not actually exist. We had to buy other tickets with a different company

Jose S.8 January 2020 | 

Service was ok, but 2 hours late

Wayne B.7 January 2020 | 

Cope Tran was completely horrible. From the people, to the lack of information, to the lateness of the bus, to the complete lack of consideration from anyone involved. As a matter of fact, I am wasting my own time writing this much...

Niccolo Gianluca T.4 January 2020 | 

The bus never arrived. Copetran staff was telling lies to passenger, the bus is stucked in traffic, it is in the parking slot, etc but the bus never depart from origin city due to very low ammount ticket sold. Very disappointed, we had to go back in hotel in Santa Marta, we lost 1 day tour and 1 night in hotel in Cartagena already paid.

Marian V.3 January 2020 | 

The bus didnot leave at all. Staff kept me waiting. No clear answers. Finaly I went with a different compagny.

Aminata H.29 December 2019 | 

Absolutely horrible experience. It was supposed to go straight to Cartagena and arrive at 8:00 after leaving at 4:00. We didn’t leave until 5:00 and did not arrive until after 10:00. We made a ton of stops in many towns to drop and pick people up. The bus driver even made some personal stops for food.

Laura N.21 December 2019 | 

Nice staff but drive will be closer to 6 hours

Reeshi H.18 December 2019 | 

Very poor service. Bus arrived 2 hours late with a broken mirror. Bus was stopped by the police and unable to continue so another bus had to be found. New bus was extremely cold and everyone was freezing. Old bus driver spent all his time on the phone / WhatsApp. Bus was meant to arrive in Cartagena at 8pm but arrived at 11:30pm. A complaint will be logged

Theresa K.14 December 2019 | 

It was freezing cold in the bus and even when we asked to turn down the air condition nothing changed. Also the bus left us at some gas station a few km away from Santa Marta and we didn’t know about it before. We had to take a taxi from there and pay it ourselves.

Tyrone T.7 December 2019 | 

Although the bus was late which is common the bus was comfortable and the ride pleasant. The staff was excellent.

Dafne A.6 December 2019 | 

We booked a direct bus put they put us in a bus through branquilla. Therefore ik took over more than one hour. And the airconditioning was to could, it was not possible to put it off.

Sylvester N.6 December 2019 | 

It's Colombia so the bus left late but whatever. The seats were pretty comfortable and the driver was good.

Matthew W.3 December 2019 | 

The seats were comfortable and we were able to sleep. However within the first 20 minutes of the book journey we have seen 10 cockroaches in the area around our seats. There also seems to be a water reservoir behind the back seats that would spill on sharp turns meaning that all of our personal luggage under the seats would get very wet.

Tyrone T.2 December 2019 | 

The bus was clean. The driver was friendly. The seats were very uncomfortable. But overall the experience was excellent

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