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Virak Buntham

Book cheap Virak Buntham Bus tickets online, find schedules, prices, station locations, services, promotions and deals.

Virak Buntham popular routes and schedules

Popular routesFirst and last departuresAverage durationMinimum price
Bangkok → Phnom PenhFirst and last departures6:00am — 9:00amAverage duration12h 40mMinimum price$33
Phnom Penh → BangkokFirst and last departures6:00am — 10:30pmAverage duration13h 38mMinimum price$29
Siem Reap → Phnom PenhFirst and last departures7:30pm — 11:30pmAverage duration5h 54mMinimum price$19
Phnom Penh → Siem ReapFirst and last departures1:00am — 11:55pmAverage duration5h 26mMinimum price$17
Bangkok → Krong Poi PetFirst and last departures1:30am — 1:30amAverage duration4hMinimum price$22
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Amenities on Virak Buntham buses

  • Air conditioning
  • Toilet
  • Standard seat
  • XL Seat
  • Lie-flat Seat or Bed
  • Wifi
  • Entertainment (No Wifi)

Virak Buntham's Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Departures51
  • Cities16
  • Countries3
  • Routes48

Virak Buntham Bus classes

  • 1+1+1, Sleeper, AC
  • 1+1, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+1, Mini Bus, AC
  • 2+1, Scania Semi Sleeper, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+1, Seater, AC
  • 2+1, Seater, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+1, Sleeper, AC
  • 2+1, Sleeper, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+1, Toyota Innova, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+2, Seater, AC
  • 2+2, Seater, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+2, Sleeper, AC
  • 2+2, Sleeper, AC, Non-Video
  • Bus
  • Bus 40 Seaters
  • Coaster
  • Coaster 17
  • County VIP
  • Hotel Bus
  • Luxury Bus
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Mini Bus
  • Night Bus
  • Semi Sleeper
  • Sleeping Bus
  • Sofa Bus Direct
  • VIP Bus

Virak Buntham User Reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Virak Buntham

Ratings and Reviews (176)

Had a comfortable journey from Battambang to Bangkok. Arrived at their office and left early which did worry my about other travellers but then guessed they knew from online bookings maybe all passengers have arrived (set off at 12.10pm rather than 12.30pm). The vehicle was a 16 seater it was modern, clean and comfortable. Arrived promptly at the border where we had to get off the bus at their office, we were advised that when we walk through into Thailand there will be a minivan (different vehicle) to take us to Bangkok. When got my entry into Thailand was met by a company representative who walked me to their Thai branch office and after a little wait boarded a minivan and was taken to central bangkok. There was a little misunderstanding on where drop of was I told them I expect to be dropped at the location as per my confirmation as I had booked my accommodation near there which I was

Rakesh C.

May 6, 2023
Nice staff, lovely bus, took longer at Border crossing making the bus late, but under current conditions hardly surprising

Eleanor B.

March 17, 2020
Started off with finding the different address sent via email difficult to find and was a hotel adress when the location was further down the road. Didn't find the staff to pleasant and made wee in the park before leaving as no toilets on the bus. We traveled 2 hours and sat in the layby for 3-4hours with no explanation as to why. The bus was ok to sleep on and comfortable just shame no toilet as we didn't stop for toilet breaks. We got there on time so no trouble just caused us worry about what was going on in between as lack of communication

Ben S.

January 6, 2020
Overall service was great, but arrived in Bangkok4hrs later than it supposed to be. Said take14hrs but took 18hrs to reach the destination. Too many stop in cambodia along the way.

Pavee T.

December 13, 2019
All in all a decent service. Staff was particularly on top of the situation at the Thai/Cambodia "Poi Pet" border crossing. Never lost sight of our group in the entire time we were going through the exit/entry process. In Siem Reap bit of a transfer process but was successful in reaching Phnom Penh. Left Bangkok at 1 AM, arrived in Phnom Penh at 5:30 p.m in the evening.

Donald R.

November 30, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions

Virak Buntham FAQ

Yes, there is WiFi available on Virak Buntham buses! You'll be able to stay connected with friends and family, check social media and your emails throughout your trip. However, we recommend downloading your favorite movies and shows before your bus trip.

No, there aren't any power outlets or USB plugs on Virak Buntham. We recommend bringing a battery pack to make sure you won't run out of battery, or bring a good book and stay entertained throughout your bus ride!

Yes, there is a toilet on Virak Buntham. The toilet is located at the back of the bus or near the middle. We recommend bringing hand sanitizer, as most buses don't have running water. It is best to hold on to the rails when using the toilet in a moving bus.

Virak Buntham doesn't offer any meals or snacks on board. We recommend you bring some snacks and drinks in a reusable water bottle for your bus trip.

Yes, you need a printed ticket to board Virak Buntham buses. Remember to print your ticket before you head to the station, as not all stations offer printing machines. Remember to carry a valid photo ID with you as it is needed to board the bus.

Only Certified Service animals are allowed on Virak Buntham buses. Unfortunately, your beloved pets are not allowed on the bus or in the hold of the bus.

Virak Buntham offers you a safe, reliable, and comfortable bus journey. You will be able to enjoy Air conditioning, Standard seat, Lie-flat Seat or Bed, , Toilet, , Wifi, XL Seat when traveling by bus with Virak Buntham.

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